Accompanying program 2022






13 September 2022


International Conference:

"New skills and requirements in the education and qualification of the specialists in the conditions of the digitalization of companies from the machine building sector"


1.00 PM – 1.15 PM

Opening and welcome speeches         

1.15 PM  – 1.45 PM

Identifying  the 7 most important skills for manage with the new professions and tasks":

  1. Interdisciplinary skills
  2. Computational thinking
  3. Analytical skills
  4. Systems design skills
  5. Cyber security skills
  6. Creative and entrepreneurial leadership
  7. Soft skills


Lecturer: Mrs. Isabel Sobrino Mate - Senior Policy Advisor at Ceemet, Brussels - the largest international employers' organization for companies in the metal, machine building and technology-based industries


1.45 PM – 2.15 PM

Challenges for the company "RAIS" , Pazardzhik, related to the provision of qualified specialists in accordance with the modern requirements:

  • lack of sufficiently qualified workers;
  • long-term retention of the qualified workers;
  • perception and quality of dual education;


Lecturer: eng. Nishan Bazdigyan – manager company "RAIS" , Pazardzhik

2.20 PM – 3.00 PM

Coffee break

3.00 PM – 3.15 PM

What are the steps to a successful robotics strategy?

Lecturer: Kristiyan Mihaylov  - Board Member of PARA ( Professional Association of Robotics and Automation)

3.15 PM – 3.30 PM

"Increasing the qualifications of employees in companies to enhance the competitiveness and expand markets. Joint activity with the vocational high school for the preparation of executive specialists, problems".

Lecturer: eng. Sasho Vazharov – manager “Vaniko” Blagoevgrad

3.30 PM – 3.50 PM

"The activity of Technical University - Gabrovo for the preparation of qualified staff for machine-building engineering, conducting business-oriented training."

Lecturer: prof. Dr. Eng. Iliya Zhelezarov Rector of Technical University Gabrovo

3.50 PM – 4.00 PM

„My Engineering future is in Bulgaria“

Lecturer: Mariana Bandova – Training Coordinator, Haycad Infotech 

4.00 PM – 4.30 PM

"Problems by the preparation of students in vocational high schools and students in technical universities.

 Need to strengthen the role of the Ministry of Education and Science in regulating the admissions to secondary education.

Increasing the role and commitment of employers in the preparation of qualified executive and engineering-technical specialists."

Lecturer: eng. Iliya Keleschev – Chairman of the Bulgarian Branch Chamber – Machine Building

4.30 PM – 5.00 PM



Company Presentations:


13 September 2022

Seminar hall in exhibition hall 1 


11.10 AM – 11.40 AM

Presentation: B2N TRADE

Theme: miniFactory ULTA 3D PRINTER – Finland

Lecturer: Ilian Ivanov - miniFactory Sales manager South Eastern Europe



14 September 2022

Seminar hall in exhibition hall 1


10.30 AM – 10.50 AM

 Short presentation of ZwickRoell and Marvel

10.50 AM  – 11.50 AM 

Innovation and reliability in hardness measurement with

EMCO-TEST – the newest member of the Zwick/Roell family

Lecturer:Mrs. Iva Konstantinova (EMCO-TEST, Austria)

11.50 AM – 12.00 PM

Coffee break

12.00 PM – 12.30 PM

Applications of Zwick/Roell HA-250 Universal Research Complex for Determination of Mechanical Properties and Crack Resistance at

static and dynamic loads in a wide temperature range

Lecturer:Prof. Rumen Krastev, Institute of Mechanics – BAS

12.30 PM – 1.00 PM

Determination of mechanical characteristics of ferrous and non-ferrous

metals and alloys subjected to static and dynamic loads with electromagnetic drive machine Zwick/Roell Vibrophore 100

Lecturer:Assoc. Ph.D. Eng. Angel Anchev, Department of "Materials Science and Mechanics of

the materials" at Technical University - Gabrovo

1.10 PM – 1.40 PM


Company Hofmann Consult

„New solutions for customer – presentation of a high-tech center at Hofmann Consult“

Lecturer: Dr. Todor Popov


1.50 PM – 2.20 PM

Presentation : company Siviko

Тheme: Challenges in the integration of industrial robots in the manufacturing sector

Lecturer: Svetoslav Vasilev

2.30 PM – 3.00 PM

Presentation: company Galika

Тheme: ONA – “so good” processes for manufacturing of metal parts by electrical discharge removal and additive forming

Lecturer: Alberto Fuentes /ONA ELECTROEROSIÓN, S.A.

3.10 PM – 3.40 PM

Presentation: company Tech Industry

Theme: Cleaning and degreasing of industrial Components – machines and solutions

Lecturer: Petrana Zaykova

3.50 PM – 4.20 PM

Presentation: Company BULMAKMETAL

Theme: „Armroid- OKUMA’s easy solution for Robotization“

Lecturer: Ioannis Skopelitis – CEO, Bulmakmetal

4.30 PM – 5.00 PM

Presentation: Patent & Trademark Bureau "Dr. Emil Benatov & Partners"

Theme: Tips for effective use of Intellectual Property

Lecturer: Dr. Samuil Benatov


15 септември 2022

Seminar hall in exhibition hall 1


10.30 AM – 11.00 AM

Presentation: company GreMa 3D

Тheme: Industrial inspection and control technology EVIXSCAN 3D

Lecturer: eng. Andrey Dunitsov

11.10 AM  – 11.40 AM 

Presentation: company Hofmann Consult

Тheme: MAPAL - Germany

Lecturer: Mark Preis -„Die & Mould“

11.50 AM – 12.20 PM

Presentation: company Ultraflex Power Technologies

Тheme: Robotized systems for induction brazing

Lecturer: Dragomir Grozdanov

12.30 PM – 1.00 PM

Presentation: company Galika

Тheme: Processes for finishing surface treatment

Lecturer: Adrian Forster / FORPLAN AG

1.10 PM – 1.40 PM

Presentation: company OTRIX

Тheme: Solid carbide drills for high feeds

Lecturer: Biser Kanchev

1.50 PM – 2.20 PM

Presentation: company HabitAdd

Тheme: 3D Printing and digitization in the industrial sector

Lecturer: Lyubomir Gerasimov

2.30 PM – 3.00 PM

Presentation: company Spacecad

Тheme: Digital transformation of your CNC manufacturing trough QUINX MDC software for monitoring and real time data processing

Lecturer: George Dimitrov

3.10 PM – 3.40 PM

Presentation: company IPL CONSULTING

Theme: Infor Cloud ERP as platform for digital transformation of industrial manufacturers

Lecturer: Vesselin Mitrev – CEO, IPL Consulting Bulgaria

3.50 PM – 4.20 PM

Presentation: company HAYCAD INFOTECH

Theme: Smart, Precise and Efficient Simulations for CNC Machines in the era of Industry 4.0

Lecturer: Eng. Georgi Boyadzhiev


16 септември 2022

Seminar hall in exhibition hall 1


10.30 AM – 11.00 AM

Presentation: Bulgarian Development Bank

Theme: Financial support for raw materials, feedstock, energy efficiency and leasing for companies operating in the Machinery, Equipment and Industrial Automation sector.