Accompanying program 2023



3 October 2023

Official opening of the exhibition and discussion

Seminar Hall, Exhibition Hall 1

1:00 - 1:30 PM  Opening and welcome speeches
2:00 - 3:30 PM

Discussion: Bulgarian industry at a crossroads

Moderator: Kristiyan Mihaylov, Cofounder and Board Member at Professional Association for Robotics, Automation, and Innovation (PARAi)

  • Productivity of the Bulgarian industry - myths and legends
  • Rates of automation in our country and the potential comparison with other European countries
  • Development of own products - what is needed to become a high-tech destination
  • What projects are being developed abroad by Bulgarian companies?


  • Krum Pavlov – CEO – LogiSoft
  • Svetoslav Vasilev – CEO – SIVIKO
  • Emil Kirilov – CEO – Zekeng
  • Vladi Velikov – consultant – Improvinn
  • Nasekomo – Kamen Vasilev
  • Yasen Kolev – IT Director – Predistic
  • Hristo Gilishtarov – manager company Fanuc



4 October 2023

The professional event for technology innovations

in the industrial sector



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10:25 AM



10:30 - 11:45 AM


  • Violin Nenov, Chairman of  Bulgarian Branch Chamber - Machine Building

The Bulgarian Machine Building Sector


Presentation by ZEISS Industrial Quality Solutions

Unleash the full potential of your production with ZEISS Industrial Metrology

Presenter: Anton Tonchev, Head of ZEISS Bulgaria  



  • Assoc. Prof. Vladimir Hristov, PhD, MSc, Eng., Technical University of Sofia, Faculty of Automatics, Head of department of Electrical Motion Automation System

Students Robotics Club of Technical University Sofia achievements



  • Dilyana Yordanova, Lead Editor, TLL Media

Highlights for industrial print publications and web media platforms by TLL Media



  • Presentation by Akhnaton Bulgaria

A Million and Three Solutions for Mechanical Engineering

Presenter: Kaloyan Georgiev, Key Clients | Machinebuilding, Akhnaton Bulgaria



  • Videopresentation of Caproni factory



  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Plamen Ugrinov, Technical College - Kazanlak

Development and achievments of Technical College - Kazanlak



  • Presentation by Endrich Bauelemente Vertriebs GmbH

Using low power, wireless ad hoc local mesh networking technology with a single cellular gateway to enhance smart sensor network performance in IoT applications

Presenter: Zoltán Kiss, Export Manager & Head of R&D department

11:45 AM - 12:00 PM

Networking break with demonstrations/interaction with the showcased models


12:00 - 13:15 PM


  • Dipl. Eng. Orlin Dimitrov, SEO, BASEL

Greetings on behalf of the Bulgarian Association of Electrical Engineering and Electronics (BASEL)



  • Presentation by LENTIS Technologies Ltd.

How to successfully automate quality control processes in serial production using machine vision

Presenter: Dr. Eng. Atanas Stavrev, Project Manager, LENTIS Technologies Ltd.



  • Radoslav Kozarev, Manager Design Department , MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production Ltd.

Introduction to high technologies at the plant for manufacturing of packaging machines in MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production Ltd., part of Multivac Group



  • Petya Galinova, Marketing Manager, ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Sofia

    Advantage Austria and the latest from Austrian industry


  •  Presentation by LogiSoft

Complete solutions from LogiSoft for managing high-speed conveyor sorting systems for the courier and online retail business

Presenters: eng. Krum Pavlov, Manager, LogiSoft Ltd.



  • Lyubomir Stanislavov, Executive Director of the Automotive Cluster Bulgaria

The Automotive Industry in Bulgaria in 2023



  • Mira Stankova, Editor of the portals group of web portals



  • Presentation by NEXT CONSULT AD

The new trends in Lean management practices

Presenter: Toshko Petkov, CEO, NEXT CONSULT AD




Video presentation of INDUSTRY.TEC – 1st International Exhibition for industrial equipment 24-26 November 2023, 1st INDUSTRY.TEC FORUM 2023, Athens, Greece



  • eng. Milko Ivanchev, Production Manager at Profilink PVC plant

Video presentation of Profilink PVC plant 

1:15 - 1:35 PM

Networking break with demonstrations/interaction with the showcased models


1:35 - 2:55 PM


  • Kristiyan Mihaylov, Cofounder and Board Member at PARAi

Introduction of the Professional Association for Robotics, Automation, and Innovation (PARAi); Trends and Future Outlook for the Bulgarian Industrial Sector



  •  Presentation by Schneider Electric Bulgaria

Drives for the packaging industry

Presenter: eng. Ivan Ganev, Product Application Engineer Industrial Automation, Schneider Electric Bulgaria



  • Pepa Petrunova, Editor of and

Introduction to automation and robotics media channel



  • Presentation by ABB Bulgaria

Digital trends on robotics market

Presenter: Aleksandr Novoselov, Robotics Manager



  • Nikola Rangelov, Chairman of the Management Board, Bulgarian Association of the Metallurgical Industry (BAMI) 

Innovative and sustainable development of the Bulgarian Metallurgy



  • Presentation by RITTAL Bulgaria 

Rittal and EPLAN – a winning combination for switchgear and control panels

Presenter: Desislava Nicheva, Sales Representative, RITAL Ltd.

2:55 - 3:10 PM

Networking break with demonstrations/interaction with the showcased models 


3:10 - 4:00 PM


  • Mitko Dimitrov, Expert, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

Presentation of TAITRA Sofia and TIMTOS 2025 - the Taipei International Machine Tool Show



  • Schneider Electric Bulgaria EOOD

The most interesting of the manufacturing process in Schneider Electric's smart factory in Plovdiv



  • Presentation by ABILICO JSC 

Which industrial robot is right for you?

Presenter: Osgur A. Ugurbas, Robotic Project Manager, ABILICO JSC  



  • Andrea Contò Meroni, President of Confindustria Bulgaria Young Entrepreneurs and Sales manager at MBM Metalwork Ltd.;

    Denitsa Mengova, Vice President of Confindustria Bulgaria Young Entrepreneurs and Manager of Stil Lazer Bulgaria Ltd.

    Introduction to Confindustria Bulgaria Young Entrepreneurs, Confindustria Italy’s activities and MBM Metalwork

Introduction to Confindustria Bulgaria Young Entrepreneurs, the role of Confindustria Italy and MBM Metalwork presentation



  • Presentation by Lindström Group

New end-to-end Industrial Wiper Service by Lindström for Manufacturers

Presenter: Ventzislav Boyadjiev, Managing Director of Lindström Bulgaria



  • TMTS 2024 Taiwan International Machine Tool Show

4:00 - 4:30 PM

Networking break with demonstrations/interaction with the showcased models




  • Festool Bulgaria
    Demonstration of the Festool exoskeleton. Demonstrator: Petar Yankov, Territory Sales Manager

  • Lindström Bulgaria
    Demonstration of Premium/Industrial Wiper and Dispenser. Demonstrators: Emilia Gekova, Key Accounts Sales Manager, Alexander Alexandrov – Sales Manager, Alexander Toshev – Sales Manager, Antoan Gyorev – Key Accounts Manager
  • "Artificial Intelligence and CAD Systems" Laboratory, Sofia Tech Park
    Robot dog, presented by Assoc. Prof. Radoslav Milchev, Head of the laboratory

  • Robotics Student Club at the Technical University of Sofia
    Denis Ismetov, President, RoboClub.BG developments at the Technical University of Sofia

  • Omniplantus Project, American College
    Mario Berov, hardware role, and Boris Topalov, software and electronics role

  • Technical School of Electronic Systems (TUES) at the Technical University of Sofia
    Andrey Ezhkov, "MECHKA - Budget Dynamics" project


*The participants and the program are preliminary and subject to changes.


5 October 2023



Seminar Hall, Exhibition Hall 1


10:30 - 11:00 AM

Presentation: company HabitAdd

Topic: SLS – Selective laser sintering. Plastics production and prototyping, single part and batch manufacturing..

Lecturer: Lyubomir Gerasimov, General manager, HabitAdd Ltd.

11:20 - 11:50 AM

Presentation: company Siemens

Topic: SIMOVE - automated transport system from SIEMENS

SIMOVE AGV - automated transport robot with SIEMENS hardware components and technologies SIMOVE Fleet Manager - SIEMENS software for fleet management of automated transport robots

Lecturer: Svetozar Stefanov, Siemens
12:00 - 12:30 PM

Presentation: company Ionitech

Topic: DLC - diamond-like carbon coating deposition with Plasma Assisted CVD

Lecturer: Boncho Varhoshkov Tribological properties and applications in the industry

12:30 - 1:00 PM

Presentation: company Galika/SCHUSTER Machinenbau

Topic: Vertical turning machines - Spheres of Application and Operation Principles

Lecturer: Matthis Rühle, SCHUSTER Machinenbau
1:20 - 1:50 PM

Presentation: company Siviko
Topic:“Challenges to the Implementation of Industrial Robots in Manufacturing"

Lecturer: Svetoslav Vasilev, manager Siviko


6 October 2023



Seminar Hall, Exhibition Hall 1


11:20 - 11:50 AM

Presentation: company Siemens

Topic: SIMOVE - business opportunities

Production and sale of automated transport robots based on SIMOVE AGV technology

Possibility of individual branding

After-sales service, service and technology transfer to third parties  

SIMOVE Fleet Manager certified training

SIMOVE Fleet Manager - integration of the software into customer projects

Lecturer: Svetozar Stefanov, Siemens

11:50 - 12:20 PM

Presentation: company Grema 3D

Topic: Industrial solutions for printing with photopolymers".

Lecturer: Regeb Karasyuleymnov, eng.customer support GREMA 3D

12:30 - 1:00 PM

Presentation: company ZAGORA - Metalworking and Designing

Topic: Individual technological solutions for nonstandard turning and milling parts

Lecturers: Zlatina Pencheva and Svetoslav Mechev

1:10 - 1:40 PM

Presentation: company Vaptech

Topic: “Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses in the Metal Forming Industry”

Lecturer: Slavcho Delchev, Vaptech