Robots show us their skills

Innovation ecosystem offered by the accompanying program of the innovative Business Platform – exhibition MachTech & InnoTech2019

They will show us their skills. They will also demonstrate some opportunities for the high-tech industry. Yes, these are the robots and machines of the last generation, which we will be witnessing from 15 to 18 April, when visiting the exhibition MachTech & InnoTech at Inter Expo Center. High-Tech achievements will also be in the center of a rich accompanying program.

Dedicated to machines and innovations in metalworking, the International Business Forum is deployed over 10 000 sq. m. and in four exhibition halls. Over 400 leading brands will be offered to us by all 190 exhibitors from Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic and Greece. This year the focus is on robotization, automation, 3D printing and high-tech machines for the benefit of the industry. 

Training Module

KUKA ready2_educate. This is the name of the training robotic module that will demonstrate its capabilities. The system of the last generation will attract the attention of the visitors during all exhibition days.

"This is a small camera, whose main goal is to help students get more information about the programming of robots, where this is also a good opportunity for companies to help their employees acquire the necessary skills," commented from KUKA. Ready2_educate can perform different difficulty levels, from simple stacking tasks to complex continuous routing and relevant logical programming.

Technology in industry – like never before

High Tech is everywhere. This is no exception in the industry either. Among the proofs thereof are the capabilities of the machines and products, which will be demonstrated during the accompanying program.

The learners will understand how small details improve performance. Construction materials and precision measuring tools will be tested live using specialized materials testing machines in case of fire, under pressure and bending. The qualities of the latest generation filters for air purification will also be presented.

To minimize the risks, the attention will be focused on solutions for simulation of production processes. A new generation of products in the metalworking industry will find the platform for its premiere – the exhibition MachTech & InnoTech. And of course – the novelties of digitalising at the industrial stages will be demonstrated to the visitors. The attention of the professionals will be "conquered" also by the concepts and the recommendations for Production 4.0.

We are a few days away from the high-tech business forum MachTech & InnoTech. The event looked forward to by the professionals in the industry from the country and abroad.