The Metalcutting giants at MachTech & InnoTech Expo

From 15 to 18 April, the exhibition is bringing together technological trends in the industrial sector

Technologies of the last generation are implemented therein. They are also the basis of many industrial productions. These are machines of impressive size. You will be able to see them in just over a week at Inter Expo Center, where the International exhibition MachTech & InnoTech Expo will be launched on April 15th. The forum will promote the latest technologies and trends in the industrial metal cutting machines and lasers sector.

The preparation runs at a feverish pace. The biggest machines are already in place in the halls of the exhibition complex. This year over 190 participants from Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Poland Hungary, Romania, Austria, Czech Republic and Greece will join the exhibition. On an area of 10 000 sq. m. the latest generation of machines, 3D printers, robots and co-bots, specialized tools and technologies will be displayed.

The Key expression "High Technology"

During our preliminary tour in the four showrooms it would be impossible not to notice the huge innovative TruLaser 5030 fiber, presented by Trumpf Bulgaria. The laser heavy machine is with a solid active substance of a new generation and offers cost-effective solution for processing and high quality of details even with complex contours, cutting-down the operating costs. Here are the technological solutions of ARAMET, which presents the "Giants" of ERMAKSAN. Among them is the FIBERMAK HAWK steel sheet cutting machine  ERMAKSAN with a fiber-optic laser source, as well as a wide variety of hydraulic bending presses.

The professional business platform MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2019 will be the place where  MAVVI will present the innovative tubular laser LT7. The machine lays the foundations of next generation of metalworking equipment. Among its features we can notice  the fully automatic settings and the 3D cutting option. The visitors will also get knowledge about the electrohydraulic steel sheet bending machine QuickBend 28/1000 by Аsiv-51. Its operation is noise-free, with a maximum speed of 250 mm/s and 200 mm/s reverse. "With its characteristics the product sets new standards in production", commented from the company.

At the exhibition we will see the capabilities of a 2D laser machine, cutting flat metals on X-Y axes, represented by BAYER Bulgaria. It is applicable in many industries, thanks to the qualities of customizing the flexible laser technology. Industrial production is a system of processes, including cutting. In this connection the company DANAL will demonstrate the advantages of a metal cutting disc manufactured in Japan. The product is designed to handle the most difficult to process materials.

For the purposes of metalworking, EDM GROUP will present  a string electro-erosion machine model AL 400SA. With its compact structure and ergonomic design, the built-in linear motors improve the operation efficiency and reduce friction. "This results in the avoidance of vibrations during the machine operation", commented from the company. The machine operation is facilitated by the applied dialog mode. Visitors will be "greeted" to the halls also by the new servo-electric sheet bending machine of EG series of AMADA. EG4010. It is equipped with a patented Amada DSP (Dual servo press) drive system that combines precision, efficiency and ergonomics. The technology is designed to meet the needs of the industry for bending small details with high precision, high speeds and considerable reduction of production costs.

Robotic and of the last generation

Robots are the core of the next generation work environments, which combines computers, artificial intelligence and information technologies, used jointly in smart factories. The machines for the latest generation industry are the focus of the presentation of BIMEX. Among them is Mazak QT200MSY – a  two-spindled-milling center with Y-axis. The welding robot BA006L will also be "under the spotlight".

The SWISS TYPE CITIZEN A20  lathe of REISS is impressive. The diameter of the rods varies between 2 and 20 mm. The visitors will also discover the vertical machining center RAIS 350. The 5-axle machine copes with details from aluminum to stainless steel. The high-tech lathe with robotic pallet station T 250 REISS will be presented for the execution of operations on details of medium sizes in series production. The machine is equipped with a robot and a pallet station for various types of details.

Intuitive and Energy-saving

Co-bot. This word will certainly be among the most common in the near future. Cobot HCR – 5, which allows  people to focus on tasks requiring subjectivity and creativity, will be presented by ATON MI. This type of robots has intuitive software and can easily be complete and controlled by only one controller.

A combination of the best solutions and maximum production results is provided by the Safan E-Brake 100-3100 Premium electric sheet bending machine of Proxys. Thanks to the technologies used, energy consumption can be up to 50% lower. If we peek behind the curtains of the MachTech & InnoTech Exp0, we will also discover the massive FANUC ROBOSHOT α-S450iA. Its implementation in production achieves better acceleration, high precision of the movements and fast production of a large quantity of details with constant and high quality.

At the end of your walk in the halls where the MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2019 will be deployed, you will realize the extend to which high technology is covering the industrial sector. Robotization and automation provide conditions for new development trends, unthinkable to date. Professional business events are an inseparable component of this process. Therefore, the representatives of the sector will follow the prospects from 15 to 18 April at Inter Expo Center.