Robotisation, 3D printing and metal-processing machines – the world of the MachTech&InnoTech 2019 fair

The forum reveals the potential of industrial technologies from 15 April to 18 April in Inter Expo Center, Sofia, Bulgaria

Modern industry is unthinkable without three elements – robotisation, 3D printing and high-tech machines. As the professional platform for the metal-processing sector and industrial technologies, from 15 April to 18 April the MachTech&InnoTech Expo fair will acquaint professionals for the 11th time with the innovations and trends in the sector. A key place will be taken by robotisation, 3D printing, as well as the most sophisticated modern machines – with precision to the slightest detail and higher output. The international Bulgarian business forum will take place in Inter Expo Center, Sofia.

Robotisation of industrial processes

Robots are at the heart of the next generation working environment, which combines computers, artificial intelligence and information technologies, used jointly in smart factories. For the purposes of the electric arc welding the qualities of the integrated robotized solutions will be presented. „The deployment of industrial robots allows for high flexibility in the welding process”, professionals comment. “Under the spotlights” stand robots, handling precise and repetitive tasks, which are in direct interaction with human activities. MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019 will also present the high value of robotisation for milling of stone, metal, wood, plastic and composite materials. Among the highlights will be 360°robots, applicable for lifting, placing, installation, inspection and packaging.

3D printing with wider application

The trend which is observed in 3D printing in the last decade is that this is a technology, without which modern production would be practically unthinkable. Logically, MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019 will turn into a technological hub for innovations in this field.

Exhibitors will present welding and 3D printing extruders, which allow for quick and simultaneous production of product series. The qualities of 3D liquid resin printers will be presented for the needs of jewellery, education and dental medicine. The exhibition stands will also display machines, capable of customizing products with precision in line with the client’s requirements.

To illustrate the possibilities of modern 3D printing exhibitors will present various components, produced by means of modern technology, allowing for the production of industrial prototypes, finished products, spare parts, tools, injection or compression moulding matrices, industrial parts for production of tyres and the automotive industry, durable components, complex metal details and other.

Machines – precise and high-tech

The exhibition will also display the next generation metal-processing machines. Participating companies will present fully automatic settings and innovative software. Detailed information will be given about high-tech electrical press brakes, which are energy-saving thanks to process optimization and built-in technologies. Satisfying modern requirements, the highlights include energy-efficient shotblasting machines and blasting equipment. The possibilities of tube lasers and latest generation laser machines, ensuring high detail quality even with complex contours will be demonstrated.

Taking into account the modern requirements of producers, the exhibitors, which total over 180 companies from Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Austria, the Czech Republic and Greece will demonstrate precise turning machines with robotized pallet stations. The professional audience will find fiber marking lasers, as well as laser marking systems of the latest generation, which will also include the smallest and most compact solutions. The producers’ attention will be drawn by the filament electro-erosion machines with their compact structure and ergonomic design.

Four exhibition halls with a total area, exceeding 10,000 sq. km2 will accommodate precise CNC turning machines. Equipped with numerous operations, they possess technical characteristics, allowing for precise operations.

High technologies are of primary importance to modern industry. This is proven by the products, which will be exhibited by companies at the MachTech&InnoTech Expo 2019 from 15 April to 18 April – in Inter Expo Center. The website provides the latest news and up-to-date information about the upcoming international business forum.