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Our new colleague, the cobot, “started working” in the i-smart factory of the future at Inter Expo Center

In the era of “smart” technologies, digitalization is the key factor in the development of the industry, and the international specialized exhibition MachTech & InnoTech Expo gathers together the technological giants in the industry all in one place. This is the only forum in Bulgaria for machines and technologies in metalworking and a barometer of the technological development mainly of metallurgy, but also of all sectors of the economy.

Exceptional interest on part of the industry professionals – more than 4,000 specialist visitors arrived from 26 to 29 March at MachTech & InnoTech Expo. Around 50% growth in the visits this year was reported by the organizers from Inter Expo Center. MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2018 maintained its leadership position and sustained growth of exhibitors, exhibition floorage and visitors. Nearly 80% of the exhibitors are of the opinion that they will also participate next year. The Austrian embassy said 70% of the companies at the Austrian stand were also happy with the customers they met.

“The very good visits by specialists are a reason to join the next edition of MachTech & InnoTech Expo,” Milena Katsarska, Sales Manager at Trumpf, Bulgaria, said. The company is a leader in sheet metal processing and in the top five in the world in industrial machine building. But participation is above all a matter of image for a brand like Trumpf, Katsarska continued. This is proof of the industry's high recognition for MachTech & InnoTech Expo, which continues to develop at a rapid pace.

The Bulgarian Euromarket also participated with a bigger stand this year. We are happy with the visits and we will definitely participate next year, Metal Manager Dobromir Petkov announced firmly.

Even technological giants such as Fanuc and Yaskawa will show their latest solutions in 2019 too.

It is not by chance that due to the good organization, the presence of the best technology companies, the good location, MachTech & InnoTech Expo is turning into a preferred exhibition, at which the world's leading companies present themselves to show their achievements to the businesses in Bulgaria.

The latest products and innovative solutions of over 150 leading global companies in the sector such as Fanuc, Kuka, Yaskawa, Mazak, Kawasaki, Trumpf were presented through their Bulgarian and regional representative offices. Apart from Bulgaria, companies from Poland, Hungary, China, Italy, Turkey, Sweden, Romania, and Israel also took part.

For the first year, big Bulgarian producers such as Rais, Vaptech, iSL Photonics participated in the exhibition.

Visitors could see an exceptional variety of tools, machines and technologies in machine building and metallurgy from 26 to 29 March at Inter Expo Center. The greatest interest was shown towards the mobile industrial robots and collaborative robots. Special sensors warn of an approaching person or object and collisions are minimized. Collaborative robots are designed to work with people, they respond to touch and are not a threat to the humans, but rather work with them as colleagues. These advantages were also emphasized by the companies in their presentations within the framework of the accompanying program.

Imagine a different type of factory – with absolute cleanliness, mobile robots that perform repetitive movements, and operators that track production through a computer, tablet, or a telephone.

In today's global world, when competition brings down prices, only investment in smart technologies can optimize production and reduce costs.

With practical case studies and demonstrations, Sofia Industrial 3D Printing Forum has proven that the use of 3D printing in the industry as a supplementary production reduces operational time and costs by 80%. Material waste is minimized. 3D printing is becoming more and more applicable because it makes the products tailor-made. And we are living in an age in which the customer wants everything in a customized size and shape. What is more, additive manufacturing can produce different models at once. More and more companies are buying their own printers instead of betting on external companies to do this. Furthermore, building print farms is preferred. With them, large printers are replaced by smaller ones that perform more specialized activities and processes.

3D printing is so forward-looking that we are seeing how it produces elements of algae in a matter of years.

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