Industrial 3D Printing in Action


Join Sofia Industrial 3D Printing Forum which will take place on 27 March

Industrial 3D Printing in Action with case studies and demonstrations will be held on 27 March within the established international exhibition of industrial technologies in Bulgaria - MACHTECH & INNOTECH EXPO 2018.

Sofia Industrial 3D Printing Forum will enhance the perceptions of the specialists on the benefits of using 3D printing (additive production) as a revolutionary technology which launches innovative projects and creates new business models.

The application of this unique technology leads to reduction of time and material waste. Another benefit is the improvement of industry’s profitability, development of concrete solutions and their use for rapid tracking - from the concept to completion. This is an advantage for every developed and emerging business in the era of innovation.

The forum aims to take maximum advantage of the use of additive production for industrial purposes. The 3D printing workshop will dispel the prejudice that 3D printing is a complicated hard to implement process. The exchange of practical experience through real-life case studies and demonstrations, presentation of techniques for fast prototype creation, 3D scanning and 3D printing for industrial purposes will be most valuable.

Emphasis will also be put on the following key topics: Inspection and Reverse Engineering with Mobile 3D Scanners CREAFORM, Print Functionally. Digital Acceleration of Additive Production, Direct 3D Printing in Metal: Latest Generation Technologies and Applications for Metal Parts Production. The participants will discuss the real applications in the industry and how additive production is becoming part of the process of developing new products. The topic 3D Printing - What's Next will look beyond the ideas.

The event is organised by Inter Expo Centre in partnership with the leaders of technologies on the Bulgarian market, including SolidFill, SpaceCad, TechnoLogica, B2N, Dessault Systems,

REICHLE& De-Massari Bulgaria Production, Stratasys.

MACHTECH & INNOTECH EXPO 2018 will be held from 26 to 29 March at Inter Expo Centre.