Safety First at the Robot Facility

How does the largest facility for robotic automation solutions in the Nordics actually work with safety? Dan Gunnarsson and Cecilia Benze from Yaskawa Nordic AB talk about the company’s partnership with Axelent.

MOTOMAN GP8 robot by Aramet Robotics

The MOTOMAN GP8 will be present by Aramet Robotics. The machine is product by Yaskawa. MOTOMAN GP8 is a compact and high-speed handling robot which provides a payload of 8 kg. The 6-axis robot was developed for particularly fast joining, packaging and general handling applications. This makes it suitable for application in almost every aspect in the industry. Easy set-up and maintenance and a wrist structure with great environment resistance improve efficiency in installation, operation and maintenance of equipment.

RI1-3D printer by RAST 3D

It is undeniable. The rapidly evolving and highly technological 3D printing will occupy an increasingly important place in the industrial processes. It is this technology that stands in the focus of the company presentation of RAST 3D.

Safety fences by Axelent

Axelent is a Swedish company with extensive experience within the manufacture of mesh wall systems in the form of protection and partitioning systems for industry, warehouses and construction work. Axelent offers а top quality range of products and accessories. The products comply with all current requirements and EU standards.

The DINA PLUS Dynamometric Key

Implementing high-performance machines and systems in production is of key importance for modern industries. This requires professional maintenance of the highest level, which in turn requires the use of modern tools.

FANUC's integrated solution for robotized arc welding

Welding process requirements keep increasing and one of the solutions combining high quality and high repeatability of the process is robotic welding. The use of industrial robots allows high flexibility in the resistance spot welding and arc welding processes. The proposals for this industrial sector will be presented by FANUC.

Trumpf Bulgaria presents a state-of-the-art laser machine

The introduction of advanced technologies in manufacturing leads to the optimization of processes and the achievement of better results. MachTech & InnoTech Expo 2019 will be the place where Trumpf Bulgaria will present the innovative TruLaser 5030 fiber to the audience.