ABIPLAS® CUT plasma cutting torch

The newest improvements in plasma cutting torches will be shown by BINZEL during MachTech & InnoTech's specialized machinery and technology exhibition, which will open from 15th to 18th  of April at Inter Expo Center.

New generation welding torches

The newest technologies in welding torches, will be presented by BINZEL in the frame of the exhibition MachTech&InnoTech, which opens from 15th to 18th of April in Inter Expo Center.

Cobot Robots - Easy to Install and Operate

Robots are at the center of the next-generation work environment, that combines artificial intelligence computers and information technologies, jointly used in intelligent factories. Cobot HCR-5, designed to interact directly with people, will be presented by ATON MI at the MachTech & InnoTech 2019 exhibition from 15th to 18th of April at Inter Expo Center.

ROSLER presents its mobile machine RMO 180/530 TE - 30

Mobility. This word is among the key words to the hi-tech era of today's industry. It is in this spirit that ROSLER will be presented. On MachTech & InnoTech 2019, the company will offer the RMO 180/530 TE - 30 - its mobile vibrating machine.