The mechanical arms at MachTech InnoTech & Expo 2017

They are fast, agile and skillful. They can perform complex activities and operations - in the most delicate manner and with extreme accuracy. No, we don’t talk about a team of experienced surgeons. We are talking here about the mechanical arms at the international exhibition for industrial machinery, equipment and tools MachTech InnoTech & Expo 2017, held in Sofia Inter Expo Center from 4 to 7 April.

Welding machines manufactured in Bulgaria

Like any of its edition, MachTech InnoTech & Expo will again offer the latest in the world of industrial machinery, equipment and tools. This year over 250 international brands and more than 120 companies will present their products. One of them is AIG Welding, which produces products for welding - in Bulgaria.

Rapid scanning, prototyping, reverse engineering and 3D printing

PsB3D and 3DTS will present rapid prototyping and 3D printing. The company has 3D printing technology on-the-spot, applicable in everyday use. Employees can quickly build parts from different materials with very high level of detail and resolution, ensuring the highest quality and competitiveness.

Marvel to present material testing machine

Material testing machine - 20 kN Proline, optical emission spectrometer - PMI master-Pro and X-ray fluorescence analyzer - XRF-VULCAN, will be presented  by Marvel company at the international exhibition MachTech & InnoTech.

VP – 8 Vertical machining center

The VP - 8 vertical machining center is equipped with high speed, direct drive spindle, high-speed workstations and fast strokes. With its excellent features the machine is ideal to meet the diverse production requirements.

Orbitalum – a system for orbital welding of pipes

The system for orbital welding of pipes consists of a power supply unit with integrated control and cooling, and a closed head for tube-to-tube welding. The control is based on Windows and allows automatic tuning and preparation of the mode of operation by setting the diameter, thickness of the pipe material etc. The equipment provides high welding speed and repeatability in quality.

Vacuum molding by Solid Fil

Solid Fill Ltd. will focus again on the professional application of additive manufacturing (3D printing). This year the company booth will exhibit one of the new services by Solid Fill - vacuum molding.

Educational package for experts in industrial robotics by FANUC

The package of FANUC company includes original industrial robot - LRM 200iD, camera with built-in software to control the robot and 20 licenses for Off-Line programming of industrial robots - Roboguide Academic Package. In the modernized controller of the robot - R-30iB, there are a number of software options, allowing for the study of high-tech features in the field of Material Handling.