Swiss-type automatic lathe demonstrated to us by ALFLET Engineering at MachTech&InnoTech 2023

The company's representatives welcome us in hall 3, stand C6


ALFLETH Engineering is pleased to announce that it will be exhibiting the Swiss Type automatic lathe machine SW20 from STAR Micronics, at the MachTech&InnoTech 2023 trade fair in Sofia from the 3rd till 6th of October.

11 оси До 10'000 об/мин скорост на главния/задния шпинделThe highlight of the machine is the simultaneous machining by independent control on the main spindle. An opposing gang-type tool post with rapid tool selection function is arranged for front working. (2-axis control on the front and 3-axis control on the rear side).

Each tool post is independently controlled for simultaneous machining (turning, drilling, milling, etc.) in order to reduce machining time.


The tool post exclusively designed for back working is equipped with Y-axis controlled 8-spindle unit and also allows simultaneous working between Main and Sub Spinde.

A variety of tooling, including a maximum of 8 stationary tools and 6 power-driven tools, can perform extended complex machining on the rear side. These features effectively divide the process into the front-end and rear-end.

Main Spindle:


  • Turning tool      6 pcs.
  • Front-end stationary tool         4pcs.
    Rear- end stationary tool         2pcs.
    (max. 4pcs.)
  • Power- drive tool          6pcs.


  • Front side: X1, Y1
  • Rear side: X3, Y3, Z3


Sub Spindle:


  • Stationary tool max. 8 tools
  • Power-driven tool         max. 6 tools
  • Y2


The combination of the opposing gang-type tool post and back-working tool post with Y-axis control function ensures optimal process operations. The ALFLETH Engineering team welcomes you to stop by at our MachTech&InnoTech 2023 booth - Hall 3, stand C6.