The new metallurgical activities from Kovintrade Bulgaria

Milled and ground plates are among the highlights of the company's participation in the MachTech&InnoTech 2023 exhibition

Kovintrade Bulgaria

Does your business need new metallurgical solutions? Want to implement the most innovative products, services and technologies? In such a case, at the upcoming industrial exhibition MachTech&InnoTech 2023, one of your mandatory stops should be the stand of Kovintrade Bulgaria.


In hall 4, stand B6, her team will offer Bulgarian and foreign exhibitors new services for cutting with machine-processed plates. The attendees will be presented with milled and ground plates, with the corresponding characteristics:

Standard plates (P, P1): Grinded „P“ with tolerance +/- 0,01mm and Milled„P1“ with tolerance +/-0,1mm

Non-standard plates (N, N1):  Grinded „N“ with tolerance +/- 0,01mm and Milled„N1“ with tolerance +/-0,1mm

MAX. dimensions of machined plates

Width x length: 1500 x 3000 mm

Thickness:450 mm

Max. weight:5 t

Our metallurgy wholesale activities also include additional services, such as material cutting. In our cutting centers, we offer cold cutting of bars and blocks, rough mechanical working of tool plates with milling and grinding, as well as sheet cutting on modern coordinate cutting machines. Cutting, from the simplest to the most advanced shapes, is done with state-of-the-art computer guided coordinate cutters (autogenous cutting, underwater, oxygen and dry plasma cutting). Material cutting is finally worked according to customer’s requirements.

You will find the KOVINTRADE BULGARIA team in Hall 4, Stand B6 at the MachTech&InnoTech 2023 exhibition.

Kovintrade Bulgaria