Visuality Systems' at MachTech Presents: Siemens HMI Panels and WinCE Streamlined Connections

Solutions for easy connection of HMI systems in industry from Visuality Systems


Human-machine interface (HMI) systems used to monitor and control industrial processes and manufacturing plants that run operational technologies (OT), often need to connect to Windows servers supporting SMB3. Siemens SIMATIC panels are among the leading human-machine interfaces employed in all kinds of industries and applications.

A common challenge for IT managers and software engineers is to enable Server Message Block (SMB) connections, used for file networking operations and print sharing, between Siemens’ panels and machinery servers or, in another common scenario, when Windows Embedded Compact (WinCE) is involved. Sometimes they find the hard way that plug & play isn’t always possible.

Siemens is aware of this challenge and prepared a detailed 60-70 pages document describing how to configure the whole environment in order to establish the connection with SIMATIC peripherals. The length of the user guide with the instructions is an indication that implementing the suggested procedure requires a considerable effort.

Of course there are alternatives. For example, you could replace the Siemens panel with an industrial computer. However this solution comes with a cost, because Siemens is a market leader with a large installed base and the reliability of its equipment is uncontested.

Most information and communication technology officers would rather keep the legacy, reliable and popular Siemens HMI panels in place and use a simple software driver to make the panel work with SMB3 servers. The solution exists and is provided by Visuality Systems with its YNQ library.

Visuality Systems’ YNQ software was developed to answer the need to interconnect multiple platforms, Windows and embedded non-Windows environments alike, independently of the hardware, over SMB protocol, supporting all the SMB dialects. Its small footprint makes it very suitable for embedded systems, Smart Factory and Industry 4.0 applications. Watch this demonstration of how YNQ can solve the Siemens panel challenge.

The solution is a better alternative to replacing the Siemens panel with an industrial computer because it saves consistent software changes. In addition, giving up the Siemens panel would be very costly if you want to keep older projects and existing installations in line. A driver software like YNQ works better, simpler and cheaper than any Inter-Process Communication (IPC) between the SMB1-panel and the SMB3-server.

Prompt support and proven competence demonstrated by Visuality Systems’ engineers contribute to build industrial customers' trust in Visuality Systems as a software partner. The fact that Visuality Systems is a certified supplier of Siemens strengthens the confidence of IT managers and software engineers even further to adopt YNQ’s SMB protocol solution that works silently, without any disruptions, as you would expect from a driver.

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