Metal folders, grinding and deburring machines, fiber laser welding and cleaning machines will present Karmet Bulgaria

We introduce you the characteristics of RHINO MFC 2520, RWT – STEELLINE BSM 1100 RDR and CAMELLON KMW-2000-COMBI

MachTech&InnoTech 2023

Are you looking for modern, high-tech and reliable equipment for your production? If the answer is yes, then Karmet Bulgaria is a company whose stand will certainly be on the top list when you visit the MachTech&InnoTech 2023 exhibition from October 3 to 6.

Need an metal folder? Karmet Bulgaria will present the innovative proposal – RHINO MFC 2025. The model is the latest addition to our wide assortment of metalworking machines and stands out with exceptional precision, low power consumption and low noise levels.

RHINO has excellent standard features and can be equipped with various options to maximize its performance and efficiency. This machine allows you to achieve two types of bends - hemming at the edge of the sheet at an angle of up to 150° and another in the form of ellipse achieved through a series of bends with a smaller angle.

With modular construction

MachTech&InnoTech 2023Implemented high technologies, high added value and modular construction – these are just some of the advantages of RWT cleaning and grinding machines – STEELLINE BSM 1100 RDR. They are intended for:

  • Deburring of laser cutted parts – edge rounding, oxide layer removal and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring of plasma cutted parts – slag removal, rust removal, edge rounding and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring of the parts after punch press – edge rounding and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring after water jet cutting – gridning, edge rounding and final surface finishing.
  • Deburring of the stainless steel parts covered with foil – edge rounding without foil damages.

Without chemical elements and liquids

MachTech&InnoTech 2023CAMELLON KMW-2000-COMBI Under this name, we will find a series of machines for fiber laser cutting and cleaning, which Karmet Bulgaria will present to us at the MachTech&InnoTech 2023 exhibition. They have a powerful welding beam and fast welding speed this fiber laser gives great welding results and is very easy to use. Fiber laser welding of thin aluminum, stainless-steel sheet, iron sheet, galvanized sheet and other metal materials can perfectly replace the traditional welding processes.

This innovative machines use advanced laser technology to remove the top surface layer of the material. A change in the cleaning area and depth is possible with this machine thus making it applicable for various types of cleaning. No chemical liquids are used in the process which significantly improves the final result.

The Karmet Bulgaria’s products we’ll find in hall 1, stand В4.