The collaborative welding system that we can integrate anywhere

TECHNOROBOT presents latest generation product at MachTech&InnoTech 2023 exhibition from October 3 to 6


Light, compact, comfortable and high-tech. This is the collaborative welding system that the TECHNOROBOT company is about to present to us at MachTech&InnoTech exhibition this year at Inter Expo Center. What lies behind the success of the system in which collaborative robots from the Fanuc CRX series are integrated, we understand from the following lines.

"The collaborative robots of the Fanuc CRX series, integrated into the Tecnorobot systems, are cutting-edge products that have become a benchmark in the collaborative welding sector," say the TECHNOROBOT experts.

Easy to program

The creators of the system have combined high technology with rational approaches in the best possible way. Cobots' new DRAG & DROP programming mode is performed using a 12-inch touchscreen tablet – a simple and intuitive tool. All TR COBOT configurations can be set up for Mig-Mag or Tig welding. At the same time, TRCobot's light and compact design allows it to be easily integrated into any existing system or work area.

The TECHNOROBOT system ensures high quality of the final product. Thanks to the precision provided by the robot, the welding quality remains constant over time.

Perhaps this is the time to ask, "What measures are taken in terms of safety?" We answer immediately. In the event of contact with an obstacle, the highly sensitive sensors immediately activate the protective braking device.

Need a collaborative welding solution? Or are you looking for new production and market niches? You will be able to familiarize yourself with the advantages of TECHNOROBOT's high-tech solution in the welding field of the latest generation in Hall 2, Stand 3 at the MachTech&InnoTech 2023 exhibition. From October 3 to 6 at Inter Expo Center.