The 3D technologies the industry needs

Grema 3D company places particular emphasis on two types of printers – SINTERIT and RAYSHAPE, and SCANTECH scanners


If at the beginning of the 21st century the use of 3D technologies sounded like science fiction, the current reality is unthinkable without them. 3D technologies are everywhere and find application everywhere in our daily life; including in industry. The Grema 3D company will give us an answer to the question of what their applications are in the machinery and metalworking technology sector at its participation in the MachTech&InnoTech 2022 exhibition.

Grema 3D will place particular emphasis on two types of printers – SINTERIT and RAYSHAPE, and SCANTECH scanners.

We start with SLS 3D printers SINTERIT. Through high-tech machines, functional models can be created with SLS technology. The products that are produced are of high quality, productivity and efficiency.

RAYSHAPE DLP 3D printers make complete 3D printing solutions. Therefore, specialists implement them in the processes for making electronic components, mechanical engineering, digital dentistry, education, cultural and creative industries.


The scanner with such a wide application

We can define the capabilities of SCANTECH 3D scanners as immense. The company Grema 3D informs that the machines are applicable in meteorology, reverse engineering design and measurement of complex surfaces. As a result, SCANTECH 3D scanners are preferred by professionals for the needs of aerospace, automotive and rail, medical, digital arts, education and research, cultural heritage, architecture, prototyping and more.

We will get to know all of Grema 3D's 3D companies very soon. At the MachTech&InnoTech 2022 exhibition, hall 3, stand A3 in the Inter Expo Center.