What measuring instruments and sealing solutions does Sofiana offer?

MachTech&InnoTech 2022 attendees will find many products, including products from Bourdon and Parker Legris


MachTech&InnoTech exhibition gives the representatives of the industrial sector from Bulgaria and abroad the opportunity to find the optimal solutions for their business at the Inter Expo Center. During its participation in the Bulgarian Industrial Forum from September 13 to 16, Sofiana company will place special emphasis on several products, among which are Bourdon measuring devices and LIQUIfit fittings.

As a Bourdon distributor, Sofiana will provide valuable information on the eponymous mechanical measuring instruments. The Bourdon portfolio includes various technologies for measuring pressure with mechanical instruments. Among them is a device with a bourdon tube, diaphragm and capsules. They cover pressure ranges from 0-4 mbar to 0-1600 bar. Attendees will learn more about the MEX5-MEM5 pressure gauges, designed to measure the pressure of aggressive gases and liquids.

"This type of manometers are designed to meet the requirements for operation in aggressive environments," explain the experts from Sofiana. Bourdon devices can be used for corrosive gases and liquids that do not crystallize. MEX5-MEM5 manometers are used in the food industry, for laboratory and medical purposes, in the chemical, petrochemical, energy and gas industries, in purification facilities, transport and logistics.

Parker Legris fittings


The Sofiana company has chosen to emphasize the products of another company, of which it is a distributor - Parker Legris and its LIQUIfit products. “They are an innovative alternative to solving problems with leaky sealing, which when installed would result in loss of vacuum and/or water leakage. As a result, unforeseen repairs are often required," the company informs.

LIQUIfit's D-seal ensures an airtight connection to the pipe. This prevents fluid leakage. The stainless steel clamping ring is fixed to the cartridge housing, eliminating the danger of "pumping" or back-pulling of the tubes under vacuums up to 711 mm Hg at room temperature, without the need for a locking clamp.

LIQUIfit compact fittings are applicable in the production of food products, in beverage dispensers and in domestic and industrial water treatment installations, meeting the requirements of standards 3A and EN 1672-2.

Sofiana will present the rich portfolio of products in hall 3, stand A18 at the MachTech&InnoTech exhibition. From September 13 to 16, at the Inter Expo Center.