Welding tractors and surface cleaning are two of the highlights of Binzel Bulgaria

The audience at the MachTech&InnoTech exhibition will discover the advantages of Abicar and Abicleaner in hall 3, stand D11, from September 13 to 16.

Бинцел България

With a variety of solutions at MachTech&InnoTech from September 13 to 16, Binzel Bulgaria is participating. Among them, in hall 3, stand D11, will be the Abicar welding tractors and the Abicleaner stainless steel cleaning and polishing machines.

"Welding longitudinal seams with maximum efficiency has never been so easy," says Binzel Bulgaria. Abicar saves time to create long welds of consistent quality – no matter how many meters are welded. The implementation of the welding tractor in the company's activities, according to Binzel Bulgaria, saves more than 60% of costs and the same amount of time on an annual basis.

For the convenience of its partners and customers, when implementing Abicar welding tractors in the company's operations, Bincel Bulgaria has developed a 5-step process. Namely:

  • Step 1 Initial contact clarifying the task
  • Step 2 Estimate the savings potential
  • Step 3 On-site demonstration
  • Step 4 Competent advice
  • Step 5 Purchase

Quick and gentle cleaning

Бинцел България

If you want to clean a surface, but want to avoid the risk of sanding marks, then Abicleaner from Binzel Bulgaria is a product you should pay attention to. Presented at MachTech&InnoTech at the Inter Expo Center, it proves that solutions for great looks do exist. With the help of the million filaments of the carbon fiber brush, hard-to-reach places such as the inner seams of handrails can be reached effortlessly and cleaned after welding without leaving any marks. The process runs at 80 amps at 100% duty cycle.

A valuable property of ABICLEANER is that it restores corrosion resistance after mechanical, chemical or thermal treatment. Stainless steel forms a chromium oxide layer for protection as the chromium in the stainless steel combines with oxygen and hydrogen from the environment. In this way, the metal becomes resistant to corrosion. After cleaning the surface of the weld with ABICLEANER, the precious metal is also directly protected again from corrosion; this is also called "passivation".

ABICLEANER works through the so-called "Electrochemical cleaning" process. Micro-arcs are used to remove welding residues from metal surfaces after welding and simultaneously passivate them. For this purpose, an electrolyte-soaked carbon fiber brush moves over the surface of the workpiece, at the ends of which more than one million small arcs are generated. The carbon fiber principle combined with powerful equipment technology in ABICLEANER is a reliable electrochemical cleaning process for all industrial applications or welds.

Important, innovative and necessary for modern industry. Such are the innovative products that the company Binzel Bulgaria will present at the MachTech&InnoTech exhibition at the Inter Expo Center, from September 13 to 16.