Health protection with xFume smoke extraction technology

Among the highlights of Binzel Bulgaria's participation is the creation of a healthy working environment. The company offers systems for different sized production facilities.


A healthy work environment is the basis of success for any enterprise. It is in this direction that Binzel Bulgaria is directing its efforts. Professionals from the company will present at MachTech&InnoTech exhibition a series of products, among which are xFume aspiration technologies.

xFUME units work with low or high vacuum technology. Depending on the model, vaporized gases and other small particles released during welding are extracted directly at the point of origin up to 26,000 PA and cleaned in a special filter. "The compact and robust xFUME systems are suitable for industrial use," Binzel Bulgaria states categorically. Thanks to its wheels, the machines can be transported easily, quickly and comfortably.

According to the needs of the respective production, in hall 3, stand 11, Bincel Bulgaria will offer the Bulgarian and foreign public a wide range of solutions. Among them will be the mobile aspiration xFume Advanced. Through it, harmful gases are extracted from the working room, thanks to which non-rain protection of health is achieved. Among the advantages of the machine, the company points out that in combination with ABICOR BINZEL fume extraction burners, the xFUME ADVANCED mobile extraction system extracts welding gases directly where they arise. The system is powerful, thanks to the high vacuum technology with more than 16,000 PA of negative pressure. Furthermore:

  • there are two connections for extraction hoses
  • is designed for flexible and convenient operation of up to two workstations with one system
  • has Automatic cleaning of the filter by a pulse of compressed air
  • high efficiency thanks to the filter that filters up to 99.95% of all dust > 0.1 μm
  • automatic start / stop via power connection to reduce costs and for less wear and tear
  • compact and robust design with wheels for mobile use and easy transport
  • For continuous workflow

Continuous workflow


24 hours of deployment. How does that sound to you? It is for heavy loads and activities on a large scale that xFUME PRO is designed. The mobile system is suitable for continuous 24-hour operation. It is designed to be connected to ABICOR BINZEL robotic welding torches. And the characteristics are:

  • High efficiency thanks to high-vacuum technology with more than 26,000 PA negative pressure
  • up to four connections for extraction hoses
  • up to 30 m extraction hoses for easy connection to several welding robots
  • durable side channel compressor with low maintenance
  • automatic cleaning of the filter by a pulse of compressed air
  • automatic start/stop via direct connection to PLC for reduced operating costs and less wear and tear
  • compact and robust design with wheels for mobile use and easy transport

What else will Bincel Bulgaria present to us? The professionals, in hall 3, stand 11 at the MachTech&InnoTech exhibition, will welcome us with a wide selection of products, including xFume Pro, xFume Compact and xFume Tig – the latest models of Mig-Mag and Wig extraction welding torches.