​The Bulgarian industrial exhibition of international significance - MachTech&InnoTech

Strictly following the original concept, the organizers from Inter Expo Center built a first-class brand for both Bulgaria and Eastern Europe

Industrial robots that operate with surgical precision and can lift from a few grams to thousands of kilograms. Multi-ton machines processing materials using the most advanced technologies, industrial software, 3D printers creating fully functional elements for industry. All these achievements are the engine of the modern world. They are the focus of the Bulgarian visionary MachTech&InnoTech exhibition, which from September 13 to 16 will for the 13th time create a professional universe for Bulgarian and foreign companies in the field of industrial machinery, technology and metalworking.
"The international atmosphere of professionals from different continents and the personal meeting here act as a catalyst for the processes in the sector," commented the organizers from Inter Expo Center, referring to the opinions of exhibitors and visitors. The environment that MachTech&InnoTech will create in Sofia from September 13 to 16 combines professional communication with a more informal setting and live familiarization with the capabilities of the exhibited machines, products and technologies. Due to all this, it is not surprising that months before the start the exhibitors exceed 100. And among the more than 200 brands represented by them will be Trumpf, Mazak, Fanuc, Karmet, Bodor, KUKA, Amada.
"Registration for visitors is now open," Inter Expo Center reminds. You can register HERE.
What will MachTech&InnoTech offer to the audience from Bulgaria and abroad?
So far, the organizers have allocated 10,000 square meters of space for MachTech&InnoTech. "If the interest continues to grow, it is possible that the scales will be increased," informs the Inter Expo Center team. For maximum convenience in case of interest in participation, the organizer constantly updates its online platform - machtech.bg.
Exhibitors from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Italy, Germany, China, etc. will participate in the four-day format. Attendees will get the most out of their presence thanks to the sectorisation. The international event unites two areas - MachTech and InnoTech. In the MachTech area, exhibitors present metal cutting and processing machines, welding technologies, machine design and heat treatment machines, laser technologies, hydraulics and pneumatics for industry. InnoTech focuses on software and industrial networks, 3D technologies, automation systems, electronics, robotics and design.
If we look at last year's edition of MachTech&InnoTech, the accompanying events are immediately impressive. They are a projection of Inter Expo Center's long-standing policy of creating quality content with high added value. In 2021 within the framework of MachTech&InnoTech, the first edition of the International Hybrid Conference "Challenges to Industry Transformation" was realized. 11 lecturers joined forces before a Bulgarian and foreign audience. The visionaries touched on the relationship between science and business, digitalization, high technology, global economic trends. The organizers also note the high activity of the exhibitors, who attractively presented their products at many presentations, lectures and seminars.
In order to develop, every sector needs its professional platform, because it is a springboard for its development. Therefore, the field of industrial machines and technologies awaits with increased interest from September 13 to 16 MachTech&InnoTech 2022 - the Bulgarian exhibition, which for 13 years has become a national and factor for the sectoral development of the Balkan Peninsula.