DTL TRADE presents a wide variety of lubricants and coolants for the industry

A rich portfolio of lubricants and coolants with different characteristics, designed for machines from different industries. This will be the atmosphere at the DTL TRADE stand from September 14 to 17 at MachTech & InnoTech.

In hall 2, stand A8, we will get acquainted with the characteristics of CUT-MAX® ML 30. The product is made of synthetic esters from renewable sources. Due to the low content of unsaturated fatty acids, it shows excellent hydrolytic and oxidative stability. It is compatible with two-component paints and sealants used in biodegradable HEES type hydraulic oils. CUT-MAX® ML 30 does not contain chlorine, sulfur, phosphorus, heavy metals (Zinc) and mineral oil. It is used for all basic operations requiring minimal lubrication, including - cutting, drilling or threading; has excellent lubricating properties for longer tool life. CUT-MAX® ML 30 can also be used in some cold deformation processes.

DTL TRADE will also turn our attention to HOCUT® 3160. The new generation semi-synthetic product, developed using technology without boron and formaldehyde, ensures a long life of the emulsion and significantly improves the performance of the machine compared to standard products. HOCUT® 3160 is a water-miscible lubricant-coolant with a general purpose for light to medium-heavy operations and grinding of ferrous metals for the automotive industry and the bearing industry. The long service life makes the product suitable for work in both centralized and stand-alone systems, and modern technology without the presence of boron prolongs the life of the emulsion without the need for frequent addition of biocidal products. When mixed with water, it forms a semi-synthetic emulsion with excellent wetting properties, which keeps the machine and tools clean. HOCUT® 3160 is formulated for operation in a wide range of water hardness.

Another proposal for the industry is HOCUT® 5230 - a fully synthetic mixture of polymeric lubricants and corrosion inhibitors. The transparent solution, which does not contain mineral oil, ensures a long life of the liquid and excellent separation of accidentally ingested by-products. It does not contain boron and formaldehyde-releasing biocides and has no skin sensitizers. HOCUT® 5230 is recommended for light machining and grinding of ferrous metals, including cast iron and low-alloy steels. The product completely rejects the foreign oils that get into it, providing a clean working environment. HOCUT® 5230 is designed to provide maximum filtration efficiency and fast separation of fine particles. The synthetic formulation helps to prevent the accumulation of deposits in the grinding and honing tools.

MACRON® 400 M-22 is produced from hydrogenated mineral oil with low content of aromatic hydrocarbons. The combination of polar additives, EP and anti-wear additives provide high load-carrying properties. This oil provides a good end surface for the workpieces. MACRON® 400 M-22 does not contain zinc, chlorine and active sulfur. The product is a high quality oil for machining of low and medium alloy steels, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. MACRON® 400 M-22 is a universal product that can be used as cutting oil and as hydraulic oil in accordance with DIN 51524-Part 2 (HLP). This universal oil has good air-separating properties, does not foam and is not aggressive to paint and metalworking machines.

The company will also present METALINA® D 202 - a fully synthetic sanding fluid with a high quality anti-corrosion additive package. The transparent solution, which does not contain mineral oil, ensures a long life of the liquid and excellent separation of accidentally trapped side oils. METALINA® D 202 is recommended for flat and cylindrical grinding of ferrous metals, including cast iron. The synthetic formula completely separates the side oils trapped in the solution, providing purity and providing extremely low foaming, maximum filtering efficiency and fast particle separation. The product is formulated to work in soft and medium-hard water.

In the portfolio we also find QUAKERCOOL® 3520 H. The semi-synthetic water-mixed lubricant-coolant has a medium oil content, suitable for machining most engineering materials. This technology combines the purity and detergent properties of synthetic products and the unique properties of emulsions containing mineral oil. QUAKERCOOL® 3520 H is recommended for basic metalworking operations and grinding of steel and cast iron. The product is suitable for: turning, milling, drilling, threading, reaming, cutting, grinding. For working materials: materials: cast iron, steel, high alloy steel, stainless steel, titanium.

DTL TRADE will introduce us to HOCUT® 3270 at its stand. Developed using the latest technology, it does not contain boron and formaldehyde. The emulsion is characterized by ultra long life in the system and better qualities, compared to conventional products, increases the productivity of the machines. HOCUT® 3270 is suitable for working with a wide range of metals, such as metals for the aviation industry: aluminum, alloys, high-alloy steels and cast iron. The product has excellent lubricating properties, and the technology is optimized to provide exceptional stability of the emulsion, even in very hard water (40-100 ° HFCaCO3).

In the list of proposals we will also find QH PRESSMAX ™ DN 4380. It is developed on the basis of hydrogenated mineral oil, with a very low content of aromatic ingredients. The combination of high-pressure fleeces and anti-wear additives provides the oil with highly effective product properties. The oil provides a good final surface to the machined parts. QH PRESSMAX ™ DN 4380 is a specially developed oil for heavy punching, drawing, including screws and bolts, deep drawing and rolling operations.