Mayku vacuum molding and the smart desktop laser plotter and engraving FLUX Beambox Pro - in one place

Innovations closely related to industrial production will be presented by Maketechnics. Among them are Mayku FormBox and FLUX Beamo - in hall 3, stand A8.

FLUX Beamo, Beambox and Beambox Pro

Release your inner artist and revive your ideas. Beambox Pro is a powerful laser plotter and engraver that allows you to shape, cut and engrave on materials such as wood, leather, acrylic and cardboard. Beambox Pro will meet all your expectations and far beyond them.

Intuitive and ready to use

Control and monitor the Beambox using the built-in touch screen. Make sure your design is perfectly aligned with the built-in camera to visualize the work area. Our efficient water cooling system takes ease of use to a whole new level.

Premium laser performance

Equipped with first-class quality rails, Beambox's performance and durability are unmatched. The laser engraves in vector and raster modes at 500 DPI, allowing you to showcase your high-resolution design.

Camera preview - what you see is what you get

View the live work area on your laptop or computer. Use the built-in HD camera to visualize the work area and processing material. Put your design exactly where you want it and get exactly what you expect.

You can create with your hands

"Mayku FormBox allows you to create with your hands. By working with any vacuum cleaner, Mayku helps you turn your ideas into reality, ”commented Maketechnics. Whether the customer creates a product by hand or combines it with a 3D printer, FormBox becomes its own production line.

Each Mayku FormBox contains:

- Makyu FormBox desktop vacuum molding machine

- 20 transparent PET Cast sheets

- 20 opaque sheets of white polystyrene

- 3 projects for beginners

- 1 kg of casting material

- universal adapter for vacuum cleaner

Due to the possibility of the metal acquiring a high temperature and becoming hot, the front and rear upper edges next to the heater are lined with two silicone strips. Supporting guide rails have also been added on each side of the ceramic heater for transport safety.



- Mayku FormBox works best with thermoplastic sheets with a thickness of 0.25 - 1.5 mm.

- PETg (common in food-safe forms)

- HYPS (usually found in disposable cups)

- ABS (the material from which Lego is made)

- Polystyrene (common in the product packaging)

- Polyproperlene (great for use as a resin casting mold)

- Polycarbonate (common in beverage bottles)

- Polyethylene (often found in sheets and foamed sheets)

- Acrylic PMMA (often found in light signs)



- concrete

- silicone

- chocolate

- Jelly

- resin

- ice

- foam

- esmonite

- gypsum