Тhe newest model CNC 0i-F Plus is more powerful and easier to use

More features, a new user interface and various customization features. All products are included in the latest FANUC 0i-F Plus CNC model, which will be unveiled from June 9 to June 12.

We will find FANUC 0i-F Plus in Hall 4, Booth C3. The system now includes iHMI, FANUC's new user interface which has been designed to be extremely easy to use. Intuitive menu icons, high-visibility design and animated features take the head-scratching out of complex machining operations, making accessing even the most sophisticated programs and functionalities straightforward. Users already familiar with iHMI on FANUC Series 30i-B will find it very easy to use the 0i-F Plus. The operator interface hardware has also a new modern design with a dark theme.

The 0i-F Plus contains latest FANUC control technologies like Fine Surface Technology and Fast Cycle Time Technology. Fine Surface Technology gives you the tools to improve surface quality of your workpieces. Fast Cycle Time Technology supports you in improving the execution time of your part programs and reducing cycle time.

Customization Functions are now included with the 0i-F Plus. FANUC PICTURE provides you a rich set of functions and tools to design and implement customized Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) on the FANUC CNC in an easy way. Macro Executor gives you the possibility to integrate new functionality, such as technology cycles, easily. With C-Language Executor you can customize your FANUC CNC in a very flexible way. This gives you many choices to customize your machine tool.