Simulations save endless improvements of machines in production

Rocky DEM is a software technological miracle – particle flow simulation in all areas of the industry

Providing the simulation environment in the industry is a revolutionary solution. Simulations recreate the real environment. Simulations can help save endless improvements in the industry; while in fact, they are not implemented in Bulgaria. This is what Balyo Dinev, Executive Director of David Holding and Manager of SpaceCAD, commented at a presentation of the company's latest simulation solutions during MachTech&InnoTech Expo 15-18 April 2019.

It is ten times less likely to make mistakes in creating the real prototype of the machine, Dinev added. In fact, nothing is more important than to first determine the needs of specific production, to make the simulations until the product is finalized and only then to proceed to the actual technological process.

Let's turn to simulations, and not to the CAD systems, which are a secondary product, Dinev stressed. These software solutions in the different spheres of industry are not applied In Bulgaria; the empirical research method is still the most widely used in our country.

Rocky DEM is a technological miracle, so far only a part of science fiction. Simulation with particle flows is applied in the mining, construction, and even in agriculture. Two manufacturers currently use the crucial role of simulations. One aims to optimize ploughing technique. The other wants to optimize the solutions in the sunflower separation systems. Its multiple non-circular particle processing simulation capabilities are endless; it can simulate particle fracture without loss of mass or volume, for example in agriculture, to visualize the process of wear and tear in tires for example.

The processes of moving aggregates in excavators and buckets, dump trucks and transport vehicles, screening and sorting machines and processes, drying machines and processes, bulk materials packaging processes and machines, fertilizer spreading and soil working machines can be monitored, modeling of concrete silos for storage of cereals is possible. Rocky DEM is a unique software that truly authentically recreates the real environment. The particles take all regular and irregular shapes, and so you can recreate the movement of barley and oranges. Businesses can perform simulations of complex and free movements, fracture model simulations, fluid flow modeling, 3D surface wear modification, collision statistics, thermal modeling.

The Siemens simulation models presented by SpaceCAD have endless possibilities. Simulation of large assembled models is possible. The fluid simulation application is the number one application in the world in the metal casting process. Q-Form is a simulation of plastic deformation of metals. Simulating the entire technological process is an achievable challenge. Q-Form is a Russian product 6 times cheaper than the more expensive Swiss license, for example. The Return on Investment is enormous without damages from delays. Every detail is important to be delivered on time in the casting process, and any moment of delay lowers the price.

The simulation of the thermal treatment process expands business opportunities. The quarterly training of an employee ensures better performance in the future.

Moldex 3D is a plastics injection molding simulation software. Simulations are an intuitive product. It is largely overlooked by injection molding manufacturers, and even more neglected by those who order. Software solutions are offered with a three month free license, with the opportunity to test the opportunities they provide. The engineering simulation requires 100% dedication to a good engineer, and there is a multiple return on the investment.

Automation, robotization and simulation are exceptional opportunities for gaining a market advantage, and with proper implementation, there is a multiple return on the investment.

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