Hanwha Tools Management System

From 15th to 18th of April, MachTech&InnoTech will be the platform for demonstrating the capabilities of the Hanwha tool management system. This opportunity will be provided by Aton MI.

Level I introduces the system for easy input of tool sizes into offset tables of CNC machines:

- - off-site instrument measurement and QR code printing;

- via the HMI terminal and the QR code reader, the metal-cutting machine records the data;

- Tool Live and Sister Tool are realized by the functionality of the machine control;

Product Level II, management system for tools with database easy tool size input into offset tables on CNC machines enables:

- procedure for creating QR codes for new tools;

- creating and maintaining tools;

- tool register and programming

- entering / removing tools in the machine;

Level III of the tool management system is integrated to databases and easy to enter tool sizes in offset tables of CNC machines + production schedule software. Includes hardware and software from the 2nd level plus database with the names, duration and compatibility of the machine programs.

The product offers by Aton MI can be found in Hall 3, stands C11 and D13.