Protective gas control system EWR 2 / EWR 2 Net

A control device and up to 60%  of gas savings will be shown by BINZEL at the MachTech & InnoTech exhibition from 15th  to 18th  April at  Inter Expo Center.

The new mechanism is more economical, more precise and fully complies to requirements of Industry 4.0!

The EWR 2 systems to be presented during the exposition use a patented principle of functioning with an extremely fast solenoid valve for real-time gas flow control which is synchronized with the welding current. External factors such as environmental temperature changes, alternate gas intakes or backpressure from the connected cable node can be safely compensated. EWR 2 thus guarantees the savings potential and controls the gas flow more precisely than traditional gas control systems.

The device is characterized by a significant reduction in gas consumption, thereby reducing operating costs. It is environmentally friendly and reduces CO2 emissions. It has a calibrated gas regulator as well as an active, closed gas loop by constant gas flow measurement. Work and monitoring with this system is easy as it allows for a recalibration of the worksite as well as data recording capability.

The EWR 2 protective gas control system can be used in both automated and manual welding processes. It is easy to install new and existing equipment and is suitable for all types of gases.

You can learn more about the composition of the device at the D11 stand in Hall 3.