ABIPLAS® CUT plasma cutting torch

The newest improvements in plasma cutting torches will be shown by BINZEL during MachTech & InnoTech's specialized machinery and technology exhibition, which will open from 15th to 18th  of April at Inter Expo Center.

The ABIPLAS CUT® series torches which are to be presented by the company can be used for plasma cutting with compressed air, as well as plasma and cooling gas in all common cutting positions.

Thanks to the wide choice of plasma nozzles, electrodes and accessory parts, ABICOR BINZEL is suitable for individual permanent use, even under the most difficult conditions. Special torches  are available for automated applications.


Plasma torches impress with:

  • Robust design and optimum cooling ensure a long life of the burner and its consumables
  • An extended trigger handle offers increased distance between the plasma jet and the hand
  • Quickly removing consumables (including insulator) - easy to handle
  • Large range of supplies, equipment and accessories - for all cutting tasks


С ABIPLAS CUT® from  BINZEL can be seen, when you visit stand D11 in Hall 3.