New generation of thread cutting and turning machine tools

Next generation thread cutting machine tools and turning machine tools will be demonstrated by Guehring at the MachTech & InnoTech exhibition from 15th to 18th April at Inter Expo Center.

Among the exhibits to be presented are the threading and thread-forming taps of high-quality instrument materials with optimized cutting geometry with high precision and new coating. "This is a modern solution for the processing of stainless, acid-resistant, carbon and alloyed structural steels," the company said. Experts point out that products have a higher working speed and extended service life.

Just two years after launching the product range, Guehring has expanded its range of groove processing tools, introducing more dimensions and two completely new systems. Ever since EMO 2017, 104 and 106 systems have been accompanied by tool holders for turning machines, as well as modular holders. The range of drilling rods has also expanded in terms of diameter, radius and length. During the exhibition, visitors will also be able to get acquainted with the latest cutting tools for the radial and axial grooves proposed by the company.

Strong in aluminum and aluminum alloys processing

Also, there will be presented, the RT 100 Al internally cooled bore drills. They are characterized by an "open" tip geometry, with a high flatness on the front and rear surfaces and bore drill tip sharpness. The micro-machined cutting edges and angles, complement additionally to the optimal cutting geometry and provide excellent cutting characteristics. The low processing temperatures prevent deposits build-up on the edges, when processing non-ferrous metals.

Conical bore shapers with spiral convex cutting teeth Spyro Tec, that will become familiar to the visitors are distinguished by their universal application in almost all materials, having a precise and smooth machining, lowering by 60% the applied forward compression force and lowering by 50% the radial forces.

Technological Come Back

The trochoid milling cutter is also coming back – with its GTC-high speed milling at maximum cutting depth. This milling strategy includes the tool, performing an elliptical movement, during which the circular trajectories are over lapping. The milling operation is not completely new. But based on the effectiveness of the modern processing centers, geometry correction and increased wear resistance of the instruments, the GTC shows up as an additional new development, which is often used in mechanical processing, when high speeds for material removal are needed.  

These and other proposals from Guehring can be seen in Hall 3, stand A4.