New generation welding torches

The newest technologies in welding torches, will be presented by BINZEL in the frame of the exhibition MachTech&InnoTech, which opens from 15th to 18th of April in Inter Expo Center.

ABITIG® GRIP line of "ABICOR BINZEL-Style" are air and water cooled torches, which provide quality decisions with comfortable and light weight hose packs. The cooling system guarantees long life of the torch and allows for the usage of smaller tungsten electrodes through optimized heat dissipation.

Lowering the amount of consumables to only three components (tail, electrode holder and ceramic nozzle) simplifies the usage of the torch and helps lowering its maintenance costs.

Intelligent ABITIG®handles provide extended comfort thanks to the integration of multiple commutation and control functions. It is also well protected from high frequency (HF).

The newly developed, super-light MIG / MAG welding torch from the series "ABIMIG® AT LW", which also will be shown during the exhibition, has an ergonomic and universal two-part handle and offers flexibility to perfection. It is equipped with a hinged connection and a "Bikox® LW" lightweight cable, as well as a swift and 360-degree swivel end tip, allowing for ergonomic and relaxed welding in any position.

The welding torches from the ABIMIG® W T Series have higher load limits than traditional burners with the same data, because the cooling system that has been changed by ABICOR BINZEL protects the wearing parts much better from overheating, as well as at high power consumption. The spray guard built into the gas nozzle makes them particularly stable and can be replaced when needed. In addition, the end tips and gas nozzles are nickel-plated to reduce the spray adhesion to a minimum. Thanks to swivel and quick-change end tips in different lengths and geometries, welders can adjust the ABIMIG® W T torch exactly for their needs.

You will find BINZEL proposals at stand D11 in Hall 3.