DM1100 C - an innovative machine of NS Maquinas for deburring, edge rounding and finish

Market trends show an increased demand for metal parts with rounded edges due to many reasons. These include for better adhesion of powder and zinc coatings, hygienic considerations in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and the elimination of the risk of injuries caused by sharp edges after laser cutting or after punching parts.

Due to all this, during MachTech & InnoTech 2019, company BRENS will present the features and capabilities of NS Maquinas - DM series. Deburring machines, rounding of sharp edges after punching or laser cutting and decorative finishing will be the accent in the company’s presentation.

The DM Series cover a wide range of sizes - from small parts with dimensions 50x50 mm to those with a length of 3m and thicknesses starting from 0.8 to 100 mm. The parts are prepared and finished both on the outside and on the inside contours with only one processing.

Among the advantages of the NS Maquinas - DM series, is the ability to process laser-cut stainless steel parts, directly with the plastic protective foil. In this way, the surface of the foil is left untouched, and it is tight, clinging, and the contour edges are rounded.

NS Maquinas uses an innovative technology for its DM machine series – transversal strips, working in opposite directions. The abrasive strips are made of sanding blocks, composed by alternating lamellas, abrasive felt and sand paper. The system allows for a simultaneous deburring, rounding of sharp corner edges and in the meantime provides for a fine finish, especially on stainless steel parts.

The DM series of NS Maquinas comprises of machines with a working width of 660 mm, 1100 mm, 1350 mm and 1600 mm.

The DM series and all other proposals from BRENS company will be presented in Hall 1, stand C13.