The Marking systems of the 21st century – Precise like never before

Undoubtedly – High technology provides precision, unattainable in the past. The proof to this are the marking systems to be presented by the company AUTOMATOR in Hall 3, Stand А10.

Metals, plastics, wood and glass. Marking on all these types of materials is possible thanks to the innovative point-marking system ADP2560, which will be among the highlights in the company presentation. In addition to the strength and reliability, it provides quality and durable marking. The marker head can be used manually with a handle or a stand, as well as to be integrated. The markings are with sufficient depth to permit further processing of metals by applying a coating.

ADP2560 allows you to choose between two types of controllers – AC 500 and AC 250, depending on the marking job. Their capabilities allow you to inscribe text in different positions, such as arc and circle, for example, serial numbers, dates, shifts, flag commands, two-dimensional code, creating and saving projects.

Laser technology

Yes, you read the right thing. Laser technologies are entering with full force in the marking devices sector. AUTOMATOR presents the laser marking system FYBRA. Fiber lasers provide precision markup and are available as three optional devices: 22W, 33W and 54W. "The devices are powerful and efficient. They can achieve a significant depth of markup ", commented from the company. The control Software offers many options regarding the development of markup designs. FYBRA Laser is reliable and is meant to work in an industrial environment, in 3 shifts.

nanoVIS II

The Company will also focus on nanoVIS II – the second advanced version of the world's smallest laser. The device uses a technology to automatically control the frequency of aWaveTM of the AUTOMATOR. It  allows easy  marking on plastics, metals, polycarbonate, painted and anodized surfaces and certain types of leather. The control software is easy to operate and provides many options. The Laser can control a rotary axis for marking  cylindrical details that the company offers.

AUTOMATOR will present their technological proposals in Hall 3, Stand А10.