Thermal paint stripping ovens by MEP Teknik

MEP Teknik will take part in the leading exhibition for industrial equipment Machtech & Innotech Expo, which will be held from 4 to 7 April at Inter Expo Center.

The company will present ovens for paint stripping ovens using heat treatment. The ovens have a special operating method to clean painted metal products (hooks, hangers, gratings used in powder and liquid painting),thus contributing to positive economic effect in any enterprise.

The painted details and hangers are cleaned in a flameless and oxygen-free environment, then they can be reused or re-painted. The basis of this method is the principle dissolution of the components deformed at various temperatures in the coat.

What could be the application of the ovens by MEP Teknik? Electric motor body and copper windings , heat exchangers, conveyor chains, hangers for powder and liquid coating lines, as well as for defective painted products.

According to MEP Teknik their product is trustworthy because of its reliable protection system. The advantage of the oven is the purification operation without harming to the environment. These products do not cause deformation on the  parts and there is no health risks for the working personnel. It is a method with the lowest operational cost.