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Supplier of machine tools from various machine tool manufacturers, being exclusive representative of:

-     RÖDERS (Germany) – High speed and high precizion milling and jig bore grinding centers; 

-     ONA (Spain) – Electrical erosion machines

-     STUDER (Switzerland) – Precision external and internal cylindrical grinding machines, member of UNITED GRINDING GROUP;

-     BLOHM JUNG (Germany) – Precision profile and flat grinding machines, member of UNITED GRINDING GROUP;

-     INDEX TRAUB (Germany) – Highly productive one – and multi-spindle turning centers;

-     SCHUSTER (Germany) – Vertical turning machines and automatic production cells;

-     REIDEN (Switzerland) – Big sized 5-axes machining centers for dynamic multi-axes machining;

-     MIKRON Agno (Switzerland) - Highly productive transferring machining systems for milling and turning operations for long series of small up to medium sized metal components;

-     HÜLLER HILLE (Germany) – Horizontal milling centers for middle and big sized workpieces;

-     TECHNICA TECHNOLOGY (Switzerland) – Center grinding machines, rotary transfer machines;

-     MILLUTENSIL (Italy) - Electronic spotting try-out presses for the mould manufacturing.

-     MICROWATERJET (Switzerland) – Machines for high precision and high speed water cutting of parts from different materials;

-     FORPLAN (Switzerland) – Systems and technologies for surface finishing

-     CODERE (Switzerland) - Industrial furnaces and automation lines for heat treatment;

-     OGP (Germany) – Optical and multi-sensor measurement systems and machines;

-     CAMTEK (Germany) - Modular CAM system for creating of technologies for mechanical and erosion processing and generation of programs for CNC machines.

-     THERMOCOMPACT (France) – EDM Wires for wire cutting machines – standard, economical and fast cutting;

-     WALDRICHSIEGEN (Germany) – Portal milling machines, horizontal boring machines, horizontal and vertical turning machines for precise machining of big-sized parts; member of HERKULES GROUP;

-    LEISTRITZ – Machines for whirling, profile drawing, end finishing and key seating;

-    LITZ (Taiwan) – Milling machines, turning machines¸ turn-mill centers


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