FANUC Bulgaria

Bulgaria 1588 Sofia, 467 Okolovrasten pat Logic Park STAD
D 2

FANUC Japan is leader in the factory automation – Robots (450 000 installed), CNC controls, Lasers and Robomachines. All products are manufactured in Japan. The company follows traditional principals: GENMITSU (perfection) and TOMEI (transparency). For the customers this means stable high quality and reliability. “Service Firs” ensures life time spare parts and maintenance (20-30 years). The initiative “Zero Down Time” consists of a complex - sensors and software allowing exact diagnostic. Troubles are encountered in advance and repair can be planned.

FANUC Bulgaria is FANUC in Bulgaria – 100% subsidiary, following up the principles of FANUC Japan. On our territory – Greece and Cyprus, Albania, Makedonia and Bulgaria, we are committed to the sales and maintenance of all FANUC products.


+359 2 963 3319