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"Alphabot" OOD was founded in 2018 and specializes in industrial computer vision, distribution and integration of collaborative robots. We perform design and implementation of visual solutions and collaborative robots in all types of production. Our solutions meet the high requirements of the new Industry 5.0 production model.

The company offers its own visual studio for computer and industrial vision "ABVision". The software has a rich set of tools for processing the visual environment - conventional tools, mathematical models, neural networks and AI technology. This allows an in-depth analysis algorithm to be implemented affordably and easily to obtain the required results for your production process. We develop individual solutions, communication with arbitrary hardware, exchange with other software, database, etc.

Solutions for: object recognition, geometry, position, offset, calibration, validation of operations, quality control, working with fast processes, etc.

The company is a distributor of industrial collaborative robots.

We offer a range of 5, 6 and seven arm robots with a payload of up to 5kg. and positioning accuracy 0.02 mm. We provide delivery, assembly, installation, commissioning, programming, training and support. Warranty and out-of-warranty support. Guaranteed competitive prices.

Solutions for: sorting, assembly, palletizing, pick and place, etc.


With our high-tech solutions, to offer our customers and business partners unparalleled products. Together, let's build trust, satisfaction and sustainability in the future.


To be a leading company for industrial computer vision (Computer Vision) in Bulgaria.


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