Bulgaria 8800 Sliven, Southern Industrial zone, 36 Stefan Karadja Str.
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Focusing on the production of polymer components, we provide our customers with excellent quality through the best polymer 3D printing SLS technology. Orders are placed through our online platform and produced in our Sliven-based 3D printing center.

We maintain strict standards for creating both customized designs and significant quantities, consistently delivering on time. Our service enables our customers to accelerate their products to market, challenging conventional manufacturing approaches. Our extensive client base spans a variety of industries including engineering, automotive, product design, architecture, art, film and more.

Our advice is clear. 3D printing is like any tool in the enterprise – it can be very effective for specific applications or be a universal cure after a competent decision.

Our experience helps. We are competent in both designing and manufacturing. Our design experience is helpful for better results because we operate our machines and have an eye on the results.

We have been studying and improving. We are committed to continuous learning and as a result improve our services daily. We are open to continuous learning to apply new methods and techniques, quick adaptation and progress with proven methods.


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