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Import, wholesale and distribution of:

Abrasive tools WEILER ABRASIVES Slovenia
Resin bonded cutting-off and grinding wheels for metals, non-metals, inox, steels, railways, aluminium, cast iron, etc.;
Vitrified bonded wheels, mounted points, diamond dressers;
Flap wheels, flap mounted points, and other sandpaper and scotch-brite derivative products;
Diamond saw blades and diamond grinding wheels.

Vibration technique for concrete HERVISA-PERLES S.A. Spain
Electrical motors with mechanical pokers for vibrating concrete (single phase)
High frequency converters for vibrating concrete (single phase and three phase)
Vibrating screeds

Laser measuring tools LASERLINER Germany
Rotory , crossline and line lasers
Optical levels and tripods
Scanners, laser and ultrasonic distance measuring devices.
Contact and non-contact thermometers
Devices for measurement of environmental factors
Systems for video inspection; Thermal imaging cameras
Electronic slope indicators

Spirit levels, work lamps and tools 4K5
Spirit Levels
Measuring tools

Photopolymer UV repair gels BLUFIXX Germany
Photopolymer gels for repair and reconstructions of various harmed surfaces
Partnership with foreign companies:

Official representative of WEILER ABRASIVES – Slovenia, HERVISA-PERLES – Spain, LASERLINER – Germany, 4K5 - Germany, BLUFIXX Germany


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