CO2 lasers for engraving and cutting of non-metals with power up to 300W and working area up to 2x4 meters
CO2 lasers for marking
FIBER lasers for cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals with power from 0.3 to 12kW
FIBER lasers for marking of metals and non-metal with the possibility of mounting of flow lines.
CNC milling machines (routers) up to 6x2 meters for wood, ACM (bond), plastics, soft metals, etc. Milling machines, taps, spare parts for CNC
Materials for laser and mechanical engraving:
- Two-layer ABS plastics
- Film engraving for laser engraving
- Anodized aluminum, brass and others. metals suitable for laser and mechanical engraving
- Oxidants and coloring agents
For all our machines we offer delivery, installation and training.
Provided warranty and after-warranty service.