Scope of activity:


  • Manufacturer of „DEL“ brand inver ter welding equipment.
  • Import, distribution and trade with welding equipment, materials, accessories and personal protective equipment.
  • Repair service for welding equipment and Authorized Service Provider of ESAB AB, Sweden.
  • Technologies, consulting and inspection in the field of metal welding and cutting - EWE, IWE, IWI-C.

Products and services:

  • Manufacturer of “DEL” brand inverter welding machines for MMA, TIG (DC and AC/DC), MIG/MAG welding and plasma cutting
  • Pressure regulators, torches, gas cutters and accessories - EWO Stuttgart, Germany, OXYTURBO, Italy
  • Personal protective equipment for welders, gloves - WELDAS USA
  • Welding equipment, electrodes and wire - ESAB AB, Sweden
  • Welding supplies, consumables and accessories - TRAFIMET S.p.A., Italy
  • Welding torches and wear parts - ABICOR BINZEL, Germany
  • AIG Profinox - machine for electrochemical cleaning, polishing and printing of stainless steel
  • Autodarkening welding helmets, gasless MIG wire, contact tip, gas diffuser, collet, ceramic cup, tungsten electrodes, etc.

Office, retail shop and service facility: 1309 Sofia, Sveta Troica Complex, Tsar Simeon Street, Block 331A, ground floor


Dipl. Eng. Asen Georgiev - General Manager, EWE, IWE, IWI-C; GSM:+359 889522036

Dipl. Eng. Georgi Georgiev, Partner; GSM:+359 889202949


+359 88 9522036
+359 2 8218818