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DTL Trade is a Bulgarian trading company, build in 2005, with main activity import and trade of high class industrial fluids and cutting tools for the metalworking industry. The company represents one of the most known companies like QUAKERHOUGHTON, WIDIA, GERARDI,VMD.

Starting the activity in 2005, DTL Trade team, presents for a first time Houghton products, on the Bulgarian market. The portfolio includes high class: water-soluble fluids, neat cutting oils, casting products, rust preventive products, industrial cleaners, deep drawing and stamping products, products for drawing of aluminum and copper wires, quenching oils, fire resistant hydraulic fluids, neat oils for spark erosion machines, honing and lapping oils, threading oils.

During the years, we have successfully developed and imposed QuakerHoughton products on the domestic market. Since 2005 till now, we have more than 150 customers for QuakerHoughton products. In the present DTL Trade is one of the leading companies on the Bulgarian market for industrial fluids. Our company is a standard for quality and products variety.

Our vision is that, sale is only the first step, from the whole process. For us after sales services, are extremely important. This is the field we develop rapidly in past several years, in order to satisfy completely our customers and give additional benefits to the products.  Our sales technical team, implements a constant after sales monitoring, and suggests decisions for working processes improvement.  We offer recycling machines for water soluble fluids, filtering systems, magnetic filters, and mixers.

During 2018-2019 in partnership with our colleagues from QuakerHoughton, we built our own chemical laboratory for testing our coolants.

In processing is also another project “a man in the van”. A mobile team, of technical services specialists, who can cover every Bulgarian region. The main purpose of the team is to assist our customers, to maintain the industrial fluids in the best possible way, in order to achieve fewer expenses, long fluid running time in the systems, and less down time. 

Keeping the line for enlargement and enrich the product range, we started the sales of the well-known trade mark WIDIA metalworking tools in 2009. This is the first company, which patented hard metals. WIDIA products are with high quality and long tools life. The wide range includes: tools for, turning, drilling, threading, milling, which assures supreme and precise action. The trade mark is with significant growth of 30% every year increase in the past 3 years on the market.  Our technical team will suggests the most appropriate tool, speed and feeds for any operation.

DTL Trade has warehouses in Varna, Sofia, Kazanluk and Gabrovo cities. The delivery time for the regular product range, is 24 hours to every point in Bulgaria, using our transport or a forwarder.

In order to satisfy all the customers’ demands, in addition we offer the products of the following companies: VMD, GERARDI, and MKR, Eclipse magnetic, Freddy eco vac.

In our company experience and innovations go hand in hand, trust us!


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