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ALWO THERM – Solutions for polluant extration and filtration – smoke, dust, oil/emulsion mist

ALWO THERM is attending to this event to meet the environmental problems of existing Bulgarian industries to provide consulting and solutions for a clean air, both in the workplace and in the environment.

The customized solutions and equipments we offer represent the main advantage that our customers benefit from, ALWO being the largest manufacturer in Romania for this equipment division.

ALWO offers a wide range of equipments for the metal processing industry, among which the most common – equipments for polluant extration and filtration which come from the welding/ foundry/hardening/pickling, equipments for oil/emulsion mist extraction and filtration, welding curtains, aspirating arms, hydrocyclone, bulk material handling equipments, briqueting equipments and many more.

We invite you to our booth to meet us!


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