Bulgaria 4701 Smolyan, 1 Rada Kazalieva Str
A 22

ADP-Smolyan Ltd. was founded May 1989 in Smolyan, Bulgaria, which made it the first private company in the region. Today, ADP- Smolyan Ltd. is a manufacturer of standard and custom-made CNC machines. The company has developed its own mechanism for zero-backlash movement through pinion rack (patented technology). Due to this mechanism, the company offers modules(linear and rotary) for the development of modular machines and equipment. Those modules can be order by customer specification.

Since the year 2013, ADP-Smolyan Ltd. offers the following, related to the industry, services – manufacturing of parts by customer drawing specification and 3d model from wood, engineering plastics, aluminum, brass, steel etc. The company manufactures prototypes and small and medium batches of parts.



+359 887 74 40 17