Sofia, Mladost 4, 87, Al. Malinov blvd.
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Conveyor belts. Customized production. Mounting profiles. Service.

Flat and round belts. Timing and V-belts. Pulleys and guides.

Modular conveyor belts AMMERAAL BELTECH. Assembling in Bulgaria.

Flat top chains and conveyor components SYSTEM PLAST and MOVEX.

ROLLEX transport rollers. Rubber conveyor belts. Quality and service.

Screw conveyors.

Roller chains and sprockets DIN and ASA.

Electric motors. Brake Motors. MOTOVARIO gearboxes.

Assembly of MOTOVARIO reducers in MAC Plovdiv.

Tensioner devices and anti-vibration elements ROSTA.

Wire cloths, mesh and perforated metal sheets.

Production of machined elements according to customer's drawings from stainless steel, technical plastics and non-ferrous metals.

Conveyor systems.

Stock availability and prompt delivery.

Technical advice.


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