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The SIAD Group has been active for over 90 years and is one of the major Italian chemical groups; it has operations in Europe and all over the world and it is involved in the industrial gases, engineering, healthcare, LPG and Natural Gas sectors.

 SIAD Bulgaria represents the SIAD Group in the Bulgarian market for industrial gases, offering a wide range of products and services which meet the requirements of its customers from different sectors of the industry.

 Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen and many others: however, they are produced by air separation or as waste products from different production processes. Gases are one of the main elements of the technical progress in our days. Gases are used in all industrial, production processes of the food and beverage industry, automotive, chemistry, metallurgy, metal fabrication, environment and medicine.

 In the mechanical processing sector, SIAD offers itself as a partner by supplying welding and cutting gases, as well as equipment, and carrying out ad hoc automation and welding plant design for its clients.

A background spanning more than 90 years in the sector has made the SIAD Metal Fabrication Group a point of reference. 

The knowledge it has acquired over the years is placed at the disposal of the customer, via its extensive cross country network, creating dynamic synergies which lead to results of outstanding excellence. SIAD provides assistance and technical support when it comes to choosing welding and cutting processes, which will not only be the most reasonable, in terms of cost, but will also provide the best fit to customer needs.

Through its constant investments in innovations and research, SIAD provides modern, flexible and hi technology solutions, bringing economic benefits to its customers.


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