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1, Raicho Karolev, Str., room 312

BG – 5300 Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Tel./Fax: + 359 (66) 87 44 60

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The GUEHRING  Company in Germany realizes: production of rotary metal-cutting tools.

GUEHRING, delivery of tools and engineering producer’s decisions in the area of automotive

manufacture and industry all aver the world, such as Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, etc.

GUEHRING tools give possibilities for: reducing the production time, obtaining precise sizing of the

manufactured articles.

 GUEHRING offers total technological solutions (tool management) of production problems,

using a complete data base of its institute of scientific researches.

GUEHRING Company realizes selling and delivery of tools for Bulgaria, only through its subsidiary


In the family firm GUEHRING is Hollfelder-Guehring: manufacturer of precision milling and turning

tools with interchangeable plates that are tuned in microns.


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