Bulgaria 1606 Sofia, 9, Layosh Koshut Str., ap.19
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"Activiti Automation" Ltd. is a trading and engineering company for delivering and installation of industrial equipment for automated welding, cutting and bending of metals.

Some of the machines the company supplies are:

  • Welding robotical systems, welding columns, sheet welding mashines, Positioners
  • Machines for fiber laser, plasma, gas-oxygen, water cutting
  • Roll bending machines for sheet metals, profiles and tube bending machines
  • Blasting and painting lines for sheet metals, profiles, tubes and blasting chambers
  • Dished heads bending and berthing machines
  • Machines for plate chamfering and tube squaring
  • Debbuging and polishing machines
  • Equipment for hand welding: Stick, MIG/MAG, TIG, SAW, Plasma
  • Tube expanders
  • Manipulators
  • Accessories and consumables

All the equipment is a brand new with factory warranty.

Provided warranty and after-sales service, spare parts and consumables.


+ 359 894 303633