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TLL MEDIAthe Leading INDUSTRIAL Publishing House in Bulgaria

TLL Media is a Publishing House for specialized technical periodical publications in the fields of industrial engineering and technologies, power engineering, ecology and building installations. Found 17 years ago (est. 1997) as an independent Publisher of periodical publications for products, technologies and services in the industry. Since then TLL Media specialized in technical journalism for the industry, energy sector, ecology and building installations, and publishes periodical publications for the professionals and experts in the fields.


TLL Media - Industrial information products portfolio

Engineering Review magazine is specialized periodical publication for recent technical, product and branch information in the fields of industrial products and technologies. After 17 years of strong presence in the being of the industry in Bulgaria, Engineering review can honestly be defined as the MAGAZINE OF THE BULGARIAN INDUSTRY. Covers the following topics: Electronics – Components – Circuit board design – Automations systems – Pneumatics – Hydraulics – Electrical equipment – Power supply – Test and measurement equipment – Software – Communications – CNC – HVAC – Lighting – Sensors – CAD/CAM/CAE – Security and identification systems – Industrial heating – Mechanical systems – Instruments, Materials, etc. The magazine is distributed to professionals in the production of all industrial sectors in Bulgaria, as well as trade and engineering companies providing industrial products and services. The circulation of the magzine is 6000 copies and the digital version is distributed to more than 18 000 emails.

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market magazine is an industrial products and services magazine for the region with significant emerging market with considerable potential for development – Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia and Albania.

South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market is printed in English and distributed free of charge to experts, engineering, production and trade companies from the industry sectors in Southeastern Europe. The circulation of the print edition is 15 000 -18 000 and the digital version of the magazine reaches more than 32 000 professionals in Central, Western Europe and companies from the Middle East through a direct mailing.

Every issue of South-East European INDUSTRIAL Market features current product, technological and corporate news, reviews of products and systems, market analysis, information for interesting products in the region, key industrial exhibitions, etc.

The Bulgarian Technical Reference Book is the first technical catalogue in Bulgaria, containing more than 1200 suppliers of technical products and services in the field of: Electronics – Test and measurement equipment – HVAC – Water and Sewage – Ecology, Renewable energy sources – Lighting - Security and identification systems – Hardware and software – Networks – Communications – CAD/CAM/CAE,ERP, Specialized software – Mechanical Systems and machines – Tool, Materials. The print edition of the catalogue is with a circulation of 6000 copies and completely free online access and functional search of suppliers of products.

IndustryInfo.BG – The Portal of the Bulgarian industry is an information source and a web media for all fields and segments of the industry in Bulgaria. The enterprise and the development are done by the leading publishing house for specialized technical publications TLL Media Ltd. ( Made with the aim to combine, concentrate and organize the abundance of information about products, technologies, know-how, services for the industry – systems, solutions and applications, published in the web and print media in Bulgaria and around the world.

Specialized industrial portals:

Electronics – | Automation - | Measuring equipment - | Electrical Equipment - | Lighting - | HVAC - | Water and Sewage - | Machinebulding - | Power Industry – | RES - | Ecology –


TLL Media – Power engineering information products portfolio

Energy Review is a specialized technical magazine dedicated to power engineering since the beginning of 2010. The magazine is focused on recent product, technical and branch information in fields of: Power Engineering - Renewable Energy Sources - Energy Efficiency - Energy Projects - Power Fascility Building.

The publication contains information on the most innovative and environmentally friendly technologies in the energy sector and branch information (news, events). Always up to date and high-level expertise are the opinions of key industry specialists published in each issue. The magazine is also known with its extensive market surveys and research in various fields of power engineering.

Energy Review magazine is distributed to professionals working in the following areas: solar energy, wind energy, biomass, biofuels, natural gas, hydro-, thermal- and nuclear energy, and specialized administration in the sector.

Energy Review magaine is distributed with a circulation of 5000 copies and the digital bilingual version reaches more than 16 000 readers.


Energy Info BG includes reference information about the companies - supplying products and services for the power engineering, working in the Bulgarian market in the following fields: Conventional energy, renewable energy, energy efficiency.

Energy Info BG Catalogue is a periodical that is available on the Internet in digital format and is published once a year. Issued in a luxurious booklet in A5 format and print run of 5000 copies, which contains representations of the suppliers of products and services for the power industry, ads for their products and their market presence, directories to facilitate the search for suppliers.

Energy Info BG – The Catalogue of the companies supplying products and services for the power industry in Bulgaria has its own web site that is updated daily.


TLL Media – Ecology information products portfolio

ECOLOGY & INFRASTRUCTURE is the first and only bilingual Bulgarian magazine for products and technologies for ecology, eco engineering and infrastructure. Focused on recent product, technical and branch information in the following fields: ecological projects and programs; Technologies for pollution prevention, air quality preservation, soil and water preservation; measurement, analysis and monitoring of pollution; water management; water and air purification; waste recycling; energy from waste; management and recycling of household waste, building waste materials, production waste and dangerous waste materials, ecological standards, ecological production; ecological power engineering; infrastructure and ecology: strategic, municipal, engineering infrastructure; Infrastructural engineering, building and maintenance. The circulation of the magazine is 4000 copies and the digital version is distributed to more than 12 000 subscribers.


TLL Media – Building installations information products portfolio


TD Installations magazine is written on the basis of professionally oriented articles with practical references, for the needs of the professionals in the building investments, design and construction of building installations and equipment, tools and materials for them. The main subjects of TD Installations magazine include the following areas: Electro installations, HVAC, Water and sewage, Lighting, Security, Building automation and communication, Energy efficiency, Tools, Materials. The sections Interview, Events, Market, Standards and Realizations provide information on the technical, market and industry developments in the field of building installations.


TD Installations magazine is published 6 times per year with a circulation of 6000 units, printed on luxury chrome paper. The digital version of the magazine reaches more than 15 000 readers. Distributed through a professional free of charge subscription to the experts in the field of: investments, architecture, building designers, builders, installation experts, dealers; chief municipal architects, design studios; companies – suppliers. Also through a personal paid subscription to all of the interested experts and end clients in the field.


Thanks to the extensive professional experience, the magazine is a desktop reading matter for professionals in the field of installations in large and modern buildings.


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