Bulgaria 1220 Sofia, 125, Lomsko shose Blvd.

Company Profiweld Ltd. is the exclusive representative for Bulgarian market of the global leader in the field of welding technology and equipment - Fronius International GmbH. The brand proposes welding equipment in the following categories:

MMA Manual arc welding

WIG / TIG welding

MIG / MAG welding

Robot Welding Configurations

Plasma and laser welding

Automated and orbital welding

Consumables and accessories

Company Profiweld Ltd. provides its clients with:

Sales and after-sales service of all Fronius products

Mounting and commissioning of welding equipment

Training personnel to work with the equipment

Technical consultancy

Demonstrations of Fronius products

Warranty and post-warranty service of welding machines

The company has two offices and workshops, located in Sofia and Stara Zagora.

 Head office: Sofia 1220, Nadejda district, 125, Lomsko shose Blvd.,

 phone: + 359879122163, email:


Office: Stara Zagora 6000, 10, Ruski Blvd.,

tel: + 359879122288, email:


+359 87 912 21 63


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