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Lazatec Ltd. is engaged in the supply of new metal cutting machines and equipment, warranty and after-warranty service.

Major renovation and modernization of CNC machine tools and implementation of technologies for processing details on CNC machine tools.

 The company offers new high-quality metal cutting machines, delivering the equipment to the customer's production halls. Provides installation, commissioning and training of operational personnel, warranty of machines and management systems.

 Our partners:

 - YUNIL, Korea - CNC gear hobbing machine

- SMEC, Korea - lathes and machining centers

- NOMURA DS, Korea - swiss type automatic lathes

- TONGTAI, Taiwan - lathes and machining centers

- MAXMILL, Taiwan - machining centers


Lazatec offers its clients also quality equipment for CNC machines by leading manufacturers:

 - Filtermist International, UK - filtering systems for metal cutting machines

- TOP Automazioni, Italy – bar feeders for diameters between Ø3 to Ø100 mm

- Sarigol Conveyor, Turkey - chip conveyors and chip processing systems

- Samchully Machinery, Korea – clamping and work-holding equipment

- SMW Autoblock, Germany - work holding for turning and grinding on machine tools

- Eppinger, Germany - tool holders for lathes

- Kintek, Italy - tool holders for lathes and machining centers


The company has many years of experience and proven traditions in the field of service activities. So far, it has undergone major renovation, modernization and servicing of hundreds of machines, both for Bulgarian and foreign customers.



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