Bulgaria Boul. Stoletov 157, 5301 Gabrovo

GWG GmbH is the biggest manufacturer of thread cutting tools in Bulgaria. More than 70 years we produce cutting tools of high- quality for hole and chamfer processing, external and internal thread cutting, milling, gear – cutting and reaming.

Our production programme include:

  • Thread cutting tool ( Hand taps, Machine taps )
  • Circular and Hexagonal Dies
  • Drills: Spiral Drills, Tube and sheet drills, Center Drills, Step drills
  • Sink - tools: Countersinks, Counterbores
  • End Mills and Mill Cutters
  • Reamers
  • Gear Cutters: Hob cutters, Involute gear cutters , Gear shaped cutters
  • Special tools according to customer`s requirement

The cutting tools are produced from high – quality and high-speed-steels: HSS, HSSE, PM-Steels and with wear-resistant coating.

The company is certified by the International Quality Standard ISO 9001 by SGS Yarsley ICS Bulgaria.


+359 66 801 650
+359 66 801 654