Bulgaria 31, Temenuga Str., Novi Iskar,Sofia 1280
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Scope of business: G OIL EXPERT EOOD was established in 2006 and specializes in the distribution of products for the industrial sector, particularly metalworking.  The company is official representative and distributor of the following manufactures: CIMCOOL BV.: lubrication and cooling fluids, preservatives, threading pastes, alkaline degreasers and oils; KLEENTEK: sprayer dishwashers and centralized filtration systems; ACCU –LUBE GmbH: minimal quantity lubrication; ARP GmbH – vacuum chips-disposal systems; STOKO (DEB Group): occupational skin care and protection; MOGUL: motor oils; KYOCERA CUTTING TOOLS: Japanese equipment  – tool holders and tooling plates, YG 1: Korean instruments – drills, chasers, milling cutters, etc.; NACHI: Japanese drills and milling cutters; LOSMA: collectors for filtration and liquefaction of vapors and polluted air and lubrication and cooling fluid filtration systems. LANNER Anlagenbau GmbH – specialists in filings/chips processes, vertically adjustable centrifuges. STA Separatoren – Technik & Anlagenbau GmbH: centrifugal separators. MKR - Metzger GmbH: systems for filtration and cleaning of oils and lubrication and cooling fluids.  Our aim is to provide solutions delivering measurable benefits including:  optimization of manufacturing processes, improvement of quality, efficiency gains.  We strongly rely on professional analysis of your needs to achieve lower overall costs of production.

Partnership:  CIMCOOL BV, KLEENTEK, HESO A/S, ANMASI A/S, ACCU-LUBE GmbH, ARP GmbH, STOKO-DEB GROUP, MOGUL, KYOCERA UNIMERCO Tooling , YG 1 , NACHI GmbH, LOSMA  SpA, LANNER Anlagenbau GmbH, STA Separatoren - Technik & Anlagenbau GmbH – official representative and distributor.


+ 359 884 742727 ; +359 882 433260